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Thursday, December 31, 2009


new year wishes (that sounds nicer than resolutions....)
1. i have started a good workout plan- now i just need to stick with it (for the whole year....)ps- if you have a wii- you NEED to have the game- just dance-OMG! so much fun!!! this is part of the plan...the fun part- which is always necessary for the sticking with it part to really stick
2. paint more, and not waste time or take open time for granted; when i have a free moment at home- go to my shop (it always makes life better)
3. we say we are going to do a family game night (and NOW we are going to stick with it- so important; especially considering our oldest will be off to college in two more years....)
4. i have been reading and participating in "the artist's way"- i plan (pledge) to keep with the journaling (it has been sooo enlightening; not always easy, but, very good) i want to see where this creative journey continues to lead me- i bought myself a "creative" ring that says "be true to your dreams"- so let the doors open and the whispers of possibility rein....
5. stick with the kids need to do more around the house- it is so easy for me to just get it done; however, then, my extra free time is gone- see number, i am drawing a creative line in the sand and sticking to my guns

god bless, be safe, and here is to twenty10 wishes, dreams, and inspirations....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


holiday mornings....
house...quiet; can hear the furnace blowing
outside...still; under the snow blanket; still early not many moving yet
day....just beginning; shower, coffee, daily journal entry

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry wishes

merry christmas wishes to all....may your season be filled with many blessings.

the stocking was made by my great grandma in 1917- one of my favorite ornaments on our tree....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

back in the saddle

to make a long story short- there was an accident with the camera. so, i have been camera-less for a while now.....does not really put me in the mood to blog. but, i have a new one!! so, i am sharing new pics and if it had not been my camera a very funny video- ok, on the phone i was mad; but, watching the video did make me laugh.

on another front, i am working my way through the artist's way. very intriguing book. sheds some light on some things and is opening new space. one thing i need to work on a little bit more is noticing and paying attention to the details....we were at the football game last friday night- sectional championship and at the start of the game when i should have been paying attention to the boys and ball on the field- there was the most beautiful harvest yellow-orange moon i have seen in a while. it was like a big deep breathe of fresh air and a most gentle serene smile crossed my face- a small peaceful moment in the world of sectional high school football....go figure.

Friday, October 23, 2009

the start of a journey

i have been following a fellow blogger (curiousgirl_lisa)who i admire on several fronts, and will be joining in on the journey through the artist's way. i am really excited as i have read a couple of the posts from others and am really excited to see where this journey ends. i have made such huge leaps in my own artist journey lately and i feel really open to move forward and push out and to take strides that will make my journey even better. i love my shop in my house- it is such a cool place. the colors, the art (a little bit of everything...stuff my kids have done- that are of course totally cool, to art i have bought from other wonderful artists, to photos that make me happy). i will have to show a picture...soon though. we had a little accident with the camera. i may have to post that. if it weren't my camera- it really is pretty funny.....i am purchasing my books today- going to town....starting my journey. to be continued.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

foolish morning....

i had a moment; was checking some of the blogs i follow to see what was new and really liked the post by curious girl- the picture is gorgeous and clicked on her link of jacqueline....liked her blog and loved her art work (especially the mixed media stuff- check it out!!)- thought i would like to follow. yeah, well, being only slightly dangerous with computer skills and especially blogging skills...i managed to sign up twice. so, that is just in case i miss something i guess. so sorry....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a hooowling good time

i love a good scary movie. we have this wide variety of ages in the lower level of where i work, and somehow our 20 something always seem to know of some small obscure detail about something bizarre and then, she comes to me for support of this strange piece of information. the other ladies in the area range from late 40s to mid 50s. i am a 30 something (albeit a very late 30 something, but, dammit, a 30 something none the less.....) i am the middle woman of this group. so anyway....we got to talking about scary movies and ones we like and have freaked us out and decided that this group needed to watch a scary movie together to get the full effect (i am not sure if the effect is from the movie or the group....)

our movie is the haunting in connecticut. i am the only one who has watched the whole show. i saw it, and told the group at work...omg- was that show freaky- you have got to watch it. so, one of them watch the first little bit and was too freaked out to finish it, our 20 something read the preview and then changed her mind (she is an only mom, and so, the only adult- and didn't want to watch it by herself) and the others....well, they wouldn't watch it based on my reviews. so...friday we are going to watch it at my house. i can hardly wait.

other scary movies i love:
the event horizon,
exorcist (this one scared the pants off of me when i was too young, and couldn't bring myself to watch it again until i was well into high school...)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

changing of the seasons....

as the leaves are falling, and the cool wind is in the air, my own winds are blowing in my artistic creative self. i had a great friday last week; i had taken in a bunch of new paintings to the gallery and they liked a bunch of them, including one big one (30 x40)heart that i had painted. they liked the heart so much that they were going to take it to the ronald mcdonald house in town- they only thing, was if it sells, i have to be willing to donate 15% back to the house- i said absolutely!! are you kidding?! the other thing they really liked was these small inspirational paintings i had done for our kids...they of course, wanted them bigger (the ones for the kids are 6 x 8)- which is fine; but, their plan is to submit the art for the new cancer care institute that is being built!!!

so, i am going to step back just a bit....i like small. it is comfortable and not so overwhelming when painting. i went out on a limb painting big (they had been asking for larger- but, they did have to smile about the heart- that was pretty big!)anyway....i have been trying to make this transition, and i think i have come across a way for myself to create in a larger space and still have it look like i want and feel the way i want it to- which as an artist is very important; almost as important as your message, theme, thought....

i took their suggestion- bigger, yet inspirational and i am very happy with it. it also coincided with a friend who is currently going through breast cancer herself and was leaving for surgery the next day. i had told her i had been thinking about her this whole last weekend painting, and would like to dedicate this first painting to her- she said she would be honored; her surgery was on tuesday and i finished the painting tuesday night. i am going to let carma and the winds take it from here....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

back to reality

back from vacation in australia...what an amazing place! the people were so nice, friendly- and their accent was so cool. the beaches were amazing- we had gone at the perfect time...end of winter and we were there on the first day of spring; temp was 85. strange combination of trees- palms, pine and regular trees. very loud birds everywhere, open air shopping, foo-foo coffee galore- you almost can't find just a black cup of coffee, and if you ask for one- i am sure they think you are crazy. driving on the left side of the road- never knew which way i was supposed to be looking to cross a street...inlet water ways everywhere, homes are on stilts, and always with a border or a fence

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


sleepless excitement,
creative packing,
10 days on vacation with my husband,
anxiety about leaving the kids (and dogs)with gramma,
sorry and thank you gramma!!
camera, batteries, memory sticks,
notebook, sketch book, reading book,
favorite scarves, tees,

pictures, stories, details
upon return.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy saturday

today is the day of our art show! so....i am very happy. everything is packaged and downtown; my mom and i figured out pricing and cool "mixed media" business cards; extra cash and change; and i think we are ready for a good day....i will have to post pictures later.

happy saturday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

happy friday

happiness can be so seems to me that some people have to work harder to find happiness and i think people tend to be either optimistic or pestimistic and that depending where you fall, happiness may not necessarily come very easy at all. happiness can be found in family or close friends, music, art, or in general; using my vintage silverware makes me happy for instance. i tend to be optimistic, but some days are stacked against you. in general, thursdays make me happy; almost the end of the week, my favorite show is on (new season has not started yet however....)but, yesterday i was struggling with happiness in the midst of this happiness week. but, today is a new day- and i will be preparing for my art show tomorrow- which definitely brings me happiness; packaging my work, pricing, and getting it all together to be seen. i think that is probably the biggest thing- the thing that makes me really happy is just having my work seen- i love it when it finds a new home with someone who likes it as much as i do, but, just having it seen, and having people see me as an artist.

the other thing that makes me happy is the fact that i managed to figure out how to make a mosaic. i have so admired those that have the ability to do this. in this happiness week, dance of a painted lady has had amazing mosaics- amazing.

happy friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

happy thursday

hair....there is nothing like a good hair day to put a smile on my face! i like hair that is a little different- back combed, messy, but, not too messy (nothing like a messy bun!!), maybe a small clip or a few bobbi pins for the long bangs....a good hair day is the best- happy, happy.

i watched a show last night with my daughter and the young models in her show had huge back combed hair, straight swoopy bangs with a band- 50ish, but, new- their hair was so cool! i truly hope that style is (to a certain extent) coming back- their hair was amazing and if i could get my hair to look close to that....well, it would be a good day for sure!! happiness....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happy wednesday

bomp, chicka, bom, bom....dropping my beat-i'm kidding, but, seriously- music makes me very happy. there is nothing better than a good song- and i really don't care what type it is. i just know that for what ever reason- that song moves me and makes me feel better. songs have the ability to bring me right back to their time and place- with some songs, i am taken back and i can be cruising with my boyfriend in a totally hot car, or hanging out with girlfriends, dancing like mad fools because nobody was watching- but, i know at least how it makes me feel. when i am having a bad moment, or day- and i hear a favorite song, i can't help at least smiling; and the older the favorite song- the better- those are my "classics" and it doesn't get better than that!

click on the link....this would be my all time favorite- my techy son downloaded it onto my phone for me- "cuz itz all bout the ringtone"; and you can ask any of the three what their mom's favorite song is- and they will tell you, probably with a roll of the eyes....but, i don't care; when i hear this song- i am smiling from ear to ear and happy!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy tuesday

there is something about getting stuff in the mail, isn't there? the best is the anticipation of completing the order and then, each day, checking, hoping that today is the day that you stuff came! i am telling you, stuff in the mail and art supplies, it makes me sooooo happy! when my boxes came, our youngest son saw the warning and thought that it was so funny, he actually took a picture- that is good stuff! what is better than a heaping bowl of happiness with giggles sprinkled on top?

thanks again lisa for this happiness filled week- check out her blog to see others filled with happiness.

Monday, August 17, 2009

happy monday

i was so excited to start this week- so much pictures are just lining up! i am starting with paintings that represent my family. the first is my husband and i - it will be 20 years for us this next year; and the second represents our three children and the love (bear with me here- it is sounding slightly more sappy seeing it in black and white than it did in my head...) anyway- our home and my family makes me happy- and the fact that the painting is my first "peeps" and something i consider successful (because you can tell that it is people) even better!!

if you would like to participate in happiness week, or just want to see what makes other happy...- check out curiousgirl-lisa

Friday, August 14, 2009

spreading the news

one of the other blogs I follow is having a drawing of sorts for her new book! she is a very talented being and always posts the best techniques! if you are into stamping, scrapbooking, or just generally like the creatively play....just out her blog- this will take you right to her book information. spend a moment checking out ink stains-you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the dogs

here are a couple of pictures of our dogs...i have to say, it has been rather interesting at bedtime here....our long standing sheltie- dana, has her own doggie bed beside our bed and the newest addition, sproket, has been sleeping on a blanket across the room. well....dana decided not to immediately lay in her bed the other night, and sproket decided to give the doggie bed a whirl; and found the bed much to his liking. so, last night as i am snuggling to the sweetie, he says, "hmmmmm, this should be interesting" as we watched, dana was circling the area, and sproket just went and plopped right down in the doggie bed, so.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

super hero

so, our youngest and i were sitting on the couch last night, when he pops the question....if you had a choice of which super hero power you had- what would it be?

i need to put some more thought into this....super human strength, bionic hearing, freezing stuff, flying, or super-oober creative (this could be an option....)

thoughts anyone?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a good day....

i got to play for a while yesterday and had a pretty successful run....thought i would share. i had ordered in "finish" packaging for art- so, cool. the box was huge. the art looks stunning in a white frame....i'm so excited! hope you enjoy the scenery because i totally enjoyed painting with my fingers!

Friday, July 24, 2009

five senses friday

another summer week has past....

i can hear the birds in the trees chirping and chattering this morning. an owl in the old tree next door.
i can hear the heartbreak of my two best friends who had both called yesterday completely distraught- pleading for me to call back. both kid/ parent issues but at the opposite spectrums. one kid/ stupid choice, the other parent/ health....

i can see the stillness in our trees this morning. it is very calming, peaceful...

my feet step off the steps and onto the warm cement driveway. i can feel the course grooves of the cement under my feet. the warmth feels good- the morning is actually a little cool.

summer has to be the best- strawberries, blueberries- i can't keep enough in the house. the peaches and nectarines so juicy it drips off your chin- those are the best.

i can smell anticipation of possible change in our air here...discussions of why a move would be good- not a huge move, but, a move is a move; however, the amount of change would be schools, new friends...alot of work; is the whole lot of work and change worth the change....we have high would need to be perfect. so until we figure this out...the smell of anxious, nervous, underlined with excitement at potentials....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

deja vu

we watched a really freaky show the other night(so very good if you like scary shows) and i thought it was interesting that the medium in the show was a kid. then, the more i got to thinking about it, it made more a kid i use to have many experiences of deja vu and ones that felt very strong, but, as i have gotten older the experiences are far less frequent and even if i should have one, much weaker.

so do you think the older we get, maybe more responsibility, jobs, our own kids, life in general, just gets in the way, and we are just not open to those experiences? i wonder to myself, as the tv has some video game playing, there is music playing because the game isn't enough, the phone is ringing (and no one is answering it...oh, wait- there is hope-someone grabbed it), and our oldest son is talking to me as i am trying to type my thoughts....and i wonder why i don't listen to the little voices or paying enough attention to experience deja vu....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shapes of creativeness

on a trip into town the kids were playing that game where you make shapes out of the on my walk last night, i was thinking about that and looking at the trees. i have always worked in the medical field- (my professional career- plenty of crappy minimum wage jobs before and during college) and the trees always remind me of our lungs.

ok- now you are saying what are you talking about. but, i did angiograms of pretty much anywhere or any organ in the body in my previous job and the one dreaded exam was the one of the lungs. digital was in full bloom in our dept, but, we had one doc that believed when shoot the pictures of the lungs- actual film was the way to go. we rarely used the film except for lungs, so, it never failed- the bucky (the thing that is holding the film before it is exposed)would jam. long story....the first few pictures of the angiogram look like a winter tree- bare branches; starting with the trunk and then, dividing and dividing. once you get past those first few frames the contrast would fill all the little capillaries and the lungs would "blush" looking like a summer tree. the few few pictures were always very pretty...even the blush was cool- it was just really full. so, just in case you were ever wondering what a pulmonary angiogram looked like- trees. and use that language- pulmonary angiogram- you can impress your friends....

photos: my tree at dusk by joiseyshowaa

Sunday, July 19, 2009


well, a new addition has come to the family....we had been trying to get a new small dog for about a month through someone i knew; but, that did not pan out at all. so, i had decided when the time was right- something would come along....on friday, i got a call from a friend of mine at work about a small dog who was in need of a good home. we went and look at him last night- too cute and very friendly. so, this morning he is sitting on my lap as i type- he definitely has morning breath....we will have to work on that- good thing he is cute.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

let's talk karma....

so let's talk about the whole karma thing...i go to the arts and craft show at the park- it is very busy and a ton of really talented people showing their wares....we do a little shopping downtown as long as we are in town and finally go to leave. now, we had come in two cars and went to the show in one because parking was horrible; so, we are back to the other car, and i cannot find the key. not a whole ring full of keys that most certainly would not have just slipped into my sweatshirt pocket, but, one single key; which when i put my sweatshirt around my waist because it was now hot- apparently fell out. so, we go back to the fair and i wander around the spot where i took my sweatshirt off and decide that there are now a million people here and even now that the grass is fully trampled- i am never going to find the key and must now call my husband and break the good news to him. nevermind that i am a little over an hour away from, my mom checks at the information booth and they send us over to the security booth. at security he asks me what the key looks like and i tell him it's a dodge and just a single key- he goes and looks....and comes out with A key- my key. now this is an older hiway patrol officer and i don't think i have ever wanted to hug someone ever!! i told him- see this phone, on the other end of the line is my husband who is now "oober" relieved that the key was turned in., clearly karma was working for me yesterday- it was the needle in a haystack. wow....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday fun...

well, long week finally over. i've had a "finable" report that needed to be turned in on friday- what a relief to submit that and be over that hurdle. so, time for a little fun this weekend!! i am meeting my mom and going to an art fair this morning- and i can hardly wait! i have not been to this one in a long time. we use to go to alot when i was growing mom and gramma are very talented ladies! they have always been as connor would say- "artsy-fartsy." i wish i would have listened a little closer growing up (that whole kid thing going on...)- probably would have learned a whole lot more from these two- but, i am paying close attention now and they each continue to get better and better each year.....we celebrated gramma's 95th birthday this last spring. such an amazing and talented woman- she is into portraits-sketching people; and they are incredible!

Friday, July 3, 2009

five senses friday

i can close my eyes and still see all the wonderful colors that Bob Burridge will use to paint- even though i have been home a week now.

i can still smell all that excitement in the air of 26 artists there to learn and watch Bob paint. and some very talented people in the student chairs....

when Bob was lecturing- what great interaction from the group....i can hear the laughter. and when we would be could hear the music in the background, and the brushes and fingers painting.

i could taste the anticipation of another day- hardly able to wait to learn some more; not able to sleep because i was so excited to learn more....

i discovered i love to paint with my fingers (image that...). i would dab before, but, now, i really love to just paint with them. i love the feel of the paint on my fingers- i love the way that i can still be picking those beautiful colors off of my fingers hours, and hours later...and still see traces of those colors.

i have been home for a week- but, i wanted to make sure and capture what and how i felt that week of painting. i can't explain or tell you enough- inspirational.

happy 4th

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wtj- week 4: personal coolness...

i watched Jamie's video this week and found it just what i needed and i am hoping what others needed as well....i remember in week 1 and 2 thinking OMG- I have to do that because that was soooo cool; but, when it came right down to it- i really don't want to follow along (except for the cherry kisses- i couldn't resist those). what i really wanted by participating in this journey was to find my own way because- there will be some of the tasks that will be a big stretch- like the shower bit- i still haven't done that one- and i am sooo admiring those of you who have gone for it with gusto. i know i will in my own time, but, i am so enjoying the little stretches right now. i am really happy to be a part of this- what an incredible bunch of individuals we are! wreck on and i am totally in on the trading away our favorite page!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

landscape pictures...

well, i am posting some of my success this last week. again, i can't say enough about the class- spectacular!! hope you enjoy....thanks for looking! the top picture should be an original Robert Burridge on the left and my version on the right....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

land scapes....

landscapes can be absolutely breath taking- like the trip out to the black hills this past weekend. i mentioned that we had gone out for a family reunion and the drive out- spectacular!! not a breathe of wind, so, all the water in the fields were a perfect mirror reflecting their beautiful prairie landscape....that being said...

today- still at art class....landscapes. well, let me tell you something- these are not my forte. i had four pieces going (ALWAYS paint in a series....-see what i have learned) on my landscapes. had picked my colors; had picked my forms, and had the committment to do these...well, what a disaster. BUT, actually, i did have one that Bob Burridge had said was a winner (such an honor...). i said, well, i did four paintings, and he stated- and you had ONE that is a winner- that is awesome! i had been feeling rather defeated and more than a little frustrated until my mom encouraged me to look at my painting behind a frame (this trick too is a must) and when Bob saw it- he was like- awesome- so, how could i remain so defeated? i can't. today pushed me to my limited- somewhere i am not comfortable, but, dammit- i am going to try again tomorrow (with way less thought!!)-so stay tuned....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

speaking of creative journeys....

so....i am taking a Bob Burridge collage/ painting class this week with my mom. OMG- talk about shedding my hesitations about color. it is so cool- words can't even begin to explain how cool the last two days have been-so enlightening. if the class were to end today (which would totally break my heart...) i would have gotten ALL of my money worth (and this was not cheap), but, no heart breaking here- we will be here all week- yes, till friday!! yeah! i think i have been afraid of letting completely letting go on the color front when it comes to this part- but, the last two days i have been following the bob plan colorwheel- because that is ALL about the letting go- and it is sooooo refreshing. i can't wait to share my pictures- sorry, i forgot my usb cord to connect up to the computer- so, i am setting the bar of expectations high...and will post later. i also made a purchase....or two...sorry honey- if you read this, didn't we just talk about not necessarily asking for permission, but, rather begging for forgiveness.....i had spied the painting while looking around his site and fell in love with them, and was so surprised when low and behold his other painting came in them!

Monday, June 22, 2009

ruling wreckage....

here are a few photos of our (remember, i conned my mom into this....) recent wreckage from both of our journals. this has been a most wonderful experience. when i take my journal out to do something- who ever may be around me always asked- what is that? what are you doing? where did you get that? many questions and smiles when they page through and see what i have done and what directions are left to do....

you know, i was sooo excited to start and amazed at some of the trepidation but, i do have to admit, there are a couple of pages that i am like....can i really do this? of course the answer will be yes because i do not want to miss one opportunity of this creative journey that i have started. that journey is always full of twistes and turns cuz, if it wasn't what would be the point? would you really want to see the whole end from the very beginning? i just like knowing i am heading in the right direction.

Friday, June 19, 2009

five senses friday

looking for the details in life- making baby steps in the right direction (i think). taking inspiration from curiousgirl...

i can see a handful of a bunny hiding motionlessly beside the water pump among the wildly overgrown flowers

i can taste the hot sweet coffee-that i could keep drinking all day....especially when i am working on art

i can smell the clean fresh scent of soap still lingering on my sweetie as a sweep in for a kiss on the check this morning

i can feel the grit on the driveway under my feet as i am strolling down to appreciate my flower garden this morning

i can hear the stillness this morning- incredible

happy friday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i have to be honest- i am not the most "detailed" person especially considering i'm female...if you want details- my husband is brilliant this way (sorry to spill the beans sweetie). i can jump from a rusted out car to a grandiose vision of what it will be like finished- in perfect streetable color- but, not be able to see any of the details and work to get there....

i have been reading some blogs, and admire their visual, detailed way their life's journey is taking them. i am trying to "look" for more detail in life. i took some pictures of details i found around our steps here...

how detailed a person are you?

Monday, June 15, 2009

still reigning

i had checked out some of the other bloggers on wreck a journal....they are most wonderful. i was feeling inspired and thought i would post another page.

if you are here looking for progress on the wreck a journal- make sure to check out my mom's pictures from june 11- i talked her into it....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

let the wreckage reign

there is a slightly good feeling to being destructive; especially if that is what the instructions tell you to do isn't there? i always like the destruction- i like hoping to find something totally cool underneath exterior- hiding it. i also like knowing, that if i don't want to follow the instructions i can do what i want....and that is ok; maybe, hopefully, even expected- the whole, "not following the instructions" thing...anyway, i have been having a really good time wrecking my journal! being creative, and carefree, and destructive- in a good way. sometimes the wrecking is the best part; (only you don't know it yet)- you have layered, and pasted, and layered some more, only to find that you spilled on something it wrecking it- you think, destroying it; but, as you clean it up, layers come off, and other things peek through, and when you are done with all the clean up from your destruction, you have something that is really cool because you would have NEVER thought to do that, and yet- you totally love the finished product.

my hope is that everyone participating in this journey can find that totally wreckless abandonment, to find their something that they totally love in the end.

Friday, June 12, 2009


OMG....i was digging around and you know how you visit one blog and you think another blog looks interesting and so you click on that, and you click again...well- amongst my clicking i came across this very cool and talented person who has free background that are really cool!! if you are looking for a little flair or just a change- you should visit her and check them out here.

Five Senses Friday

i am always so inspired by curiousgirl_lisa and her five senses fridays, i am going to give it a whirl....

i can still see the not-so-straight lines in the grass from the boys mowing our lawn and the neighbor's lawn together last night- makes me smile....
i can see the new growth on my tree outside my kitchen window-taller, and taller.

i can still feel the sunshine and warmth on my skin from yesterday- we haven't seen the sun in nearly a week, and woke up to gloom and sprinkles again.

i can hear the endless days of summer with kids riding their bikes-going too fast dragging their shoes on the pavement, doing skids, and their laughter.

i had the first glass of real-summer lemon-aide, the glass pitcher, a ton of ice, and fresh sliced lemons floating on top....

i smelled the most incredible flower...our neighbor has a shrub with the prettiest white flower, that absolutely smelled heavenly sweet
i can smell the light scent,coconut-lime, of my new summer lotion, sooo nice....

may you, and I, remember to seek, find and savor those small moments that touch our senses.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

mom's wreck this journal

i talked my mom into participating in the wreck this journal with me and she has not taken the leap from the safe edge into the world of blogging yet....a very lite breeze may blow her off (and real soon....) so, i am posting her work for now and i will post tomorrow....enjoy!