Kristin Peterson: mixed media, collage, painter, artist

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

back in the saddle

to make a long story short- there was an accident with the camera. so, i have been camera-less for a while now.....does not really put me in the mood to blog. but, i have a new one!! so, i am sharing new pics and if it had not been my camera a very funny video- ok, on the phone i was mad; but, watching the video did make me laugh.

on another front, i am working my way through the artist's way. very intriguing book. sheds some light on some things and is opening new space. one thing i need to work on a little bit more is noticing and paying attention to the details....we were at the football game last friday night- sectional championship and at the start of the game when i should have been paying attention to the boys and ball on the field- there was the most beautiful harvest yellow-orange moon i have seen in a while. it was like a big deep breathe of fresh air and a most gentle serene smile crossed my face- a small peaceful moment in the world of sectional high school football....go figure.