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Saturday, April 28, 2012


that's is prom for us!! so here is a sneak peek- more pics tomorrow. thank goodness it is our son's senior year and things have been a little calmer and less particular than last year when his girlfriend was a senior last year. she came back from college to go with him and had found her dress clear back in december. it is of course purple (god bless her, i love purple).

grandpa is even in on the act and sent a vintage pair of cuff links for him to wear tonight. this is the beginning of the end. our son only has like 8 days left of school and his high school career will be over and he will graduate. holy cow- i hope this momma can keep it together and not let all of her emotions run away.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

graduation invites

this is my first batch....

i did use chalkboard paint for the black swipe across the front. vintage book paper for the circles and scrapbook paper for the colorful strip along the left side. the no. 2012 is stamped in white craft  ink and sprayed with a fixative to stay put. ;)

i also used green india ink on the fronts and backs along with a gold glimmer mist. you can appreciate the glimmer mist better here on the back. and my husband is always telling me "it's good to be the king" so when i found that stamp, i had to have it- and it is perfect for the graduation cards! it is stamped in grey.

i did sew along the papered edge as well with a white zigzag and a black straight stitch for a little texture. i did not trim the threat close- choosing to let the threads come shortly off the page. my plan is to place his picture on the top half of the card and the information for the open house on the bottom. i did also "do" the envelopes. the scrapbook paper was so cool and had such nice colors that i had a left over piece that fit nicely on the envelope.

and check this yesterday morning at about 510am, my vintage old oak table that i have had forever decided it had had enough!! and broke in thirds! the loud crash of course woke me up. i came down thinking i was going to be mad at the cat, and was looking around, couldn't find anything until i turned around and really looked at my table, and then said "holy crap, my table broke!" what a way to start the day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

graduation pics for invites

i didn't mind this one....i feel like the composition isn't too bad.  #1

this one was too serious?...but, liked the background.  #2
we took quite a few, and this was our favorite due to overall composition. comments and/ or a vote would be appreciated!! #3     because (and sorry mom for starting my sentence with because- she is a retired english teacher and would be so disapointed ;) i don't want his graduation cards to look the same as the usual...i made the invites and decided- you can't have a cool, artsy card with a standard senior pic. so, we gave this a whirl....i wrote on his fingers. his school mascot is the cardinal, thus the "cards". would love to hear your comments.... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

graduation card teasers

i went to my mom's studio space yesterday and we sweatshopped it making graduation cards yesterday. we punched 2 different size book page circles.

i used a swipe of chalboard paint on the cards.

we then followed up with drips of grass green ink and sprays of gold glimmer mist. we got close to finishing yesterday but, not quite. so this is a tease of what we were using.....hope you will stop back to see the finished product very soon! happy thursday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

creative battle

these colorful soldiers are standing at point and ready to do creative battle.

one of my favorite stamps is laying the creative field.

and although these soldiers may be dry and a little crusty....they too are ready to do their job of washing that field with color. life has been so busy as of late, and tomorrow i have a day off, and i am ready to do creative battle.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

numbered days.....

this is my view looking into my kitchen from the dining room. hopefully in a few (probably long weeks) my view will be completely different. next pics i am hoping to show you a nice big sink with a very nice large window looking south over our backyard.

this is my view to the east....those are my only cupboards and counter space. what the heck, huh?! i have made it work for 12 years. i love our old house except for my kitchen....but, like i said, this kitchen's days are numbered cuz i started packing it up for the redo!!

this is the north wall...i am hoping for a clean sleek look with a little less stuff; a lot more cabinets; and way more counter top! oh, and although i really like the marigold paint, it is time for a new paint scheme....i am so excited! i must be a little crazy however, because we also have a graduation this about 6 weeks. this should be a little dicey and  add to that normal graduation stress- whoopie!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new art journal, new page

i made a new art journal by sewing vintage fabric strips along the sides of my various papers intermixed with tags.

there were basically 2 tags that made up the first page and overlapped each other.

this is the first actual watercolor page.

 the light purple-pink and the dark maroon purple are my new colors....and i love them!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

birthday wishes

well, happy birthday mom! i made this strawberry lemonade layer cake for her and it was a total hit!

i made her this card...a little paint, some ink, and a lot of sewing. birthday wishes...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter to you

may the blessings of easter be bestowed you

Friday, April 6, 2012


warning: the contents of this box may lead to creativity, paint is slippery when wet, this box is stuffed with creativity open box away from face....

warning: do not drive over package, contents may cause extreme jubilation, we're more than a little off everyday, contents may cause creative and artistic growth.... 

warning: reading this blog may cause inspiration and creativity, reading this blog may cause excessive time spent on the computer with additional clicks, reading this blog will may be a bright spot in your day.  My cheap joe's order came yesterday!! i love getting stuff - i know i paid for it and it is suppose to come, but, i love getting home after work and seeing a package waiting to be opened. i had ordered my mom's b-day present, and had to add just a little bit for myself -to make the shipping cheaper.... ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

inspired by collage

i was inspired yesterday by collage monday over at donnadowney so i started on my new art journal. i love that art tag and what it says- "designed for mixed media exploration." here's to my own exploration! this is a sneak peak.....

Monday, April 2, 2012


stitched with possibilities....some  vintage fabric from a flour sack mixed in.

i left the threads a little longer...i like the look and texture.

i can't wait to see what i will create in my new art journal. i used a variety of sizes of watercolor paper and tags within the journal.