Kristin Peterson: mixed media, collage, painter, artist

Friday, June 4, 2010

a landmark weekend

so, as the months have melted away to days, and now very soon, the days have changed to hours on sunday will be our oldest son's 16th birthday! we live in mn, and to obtain your drivers need to be 16.

such a magical number! sixteen....boy, i thought i was soooo mature and old enough- i mean, i will be a junior in high school for heaven's sake! my biggest worry was whether or not my bangs were big enough (and if i thought i had enough hair spray on them to keep them there for the night!), and which "skinny" acid washed jeans and cool boots i was going to wear, i mean really!

so, i am dying to know...what were your favorites or "worries" at 16? ('cuz it was only like what, 10-15 years ago hug right?!)