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Friday, October 30, 2015

sewn vintage love

bits and pieces of vintage love......#sewingswag #tgif

Monday, October 26, 2015


i was re-working another painting and had my paintbrush full of fluorescent pink and when i looked down at this painting- i just had to touch this painting with the pink as well.....

i actually was pretty happy with these paintings and had pulled out the varnish to put a coat on until i decided to use the pink; but, i have to say, my reaction to the draw of the colors and the need to touch this painting was a "personal reaction" to colors.....and i couldn't be happier.

below is one of the two full panels. when i had visited with local high school students a few weeks ago- the teacher had asked me if i paint by my reaction. and at the time, i thought, i am not even completely sure what you are asking me- because i am usually painting by color combos at the time, and know what my next move will be; but, i got it. this painting was essentially done, and the pink was totally a reactionary move to add the color.

but, i like it....

Saturday, October 24, 2015

progress {lesson in light & dark}

adding the lights and darks is always a challenge if you didn't add those as you were working. a week ago i had a post called levels, which i loved the work i had, but once i photographed the work, seemed flat and like the paintings were not finished......

after that seeing my post, i had decided that the paintings needed more lights and darks. the lights- those are somewhat easy. white, cream, or any light seemingly can be applied "lightly" and maybe be even somewhat translucent; but, darks....those are dark- even if you are not using black. and can easily be overwhelming if you are not careful.

i think i am making progress...i like the depth that the darks added to the painting. thoughts?

hoping to find some studio time....happy saturday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

thread houses.... {a series}

everyone loves a house; and i am no exception. i feel like i am always trying to come up with a new way to make a house....a new variation. 

i love these little houses on sweater scraps. the doors are vintage linens with cotton fabric toppers. i sewed the house sweater onto various sized acrylic painted watercolor paper. 

i then sewed again onto the watercolor paper with no thread- i just wanted the holes. (that detail is hard to see in my pics but, there are holes along the left edge just off the sweater.) then, i hand threaded the roof lines. 

now, if i had some frames....i am betting these will be super cute in a mat and frame; hope my frame order is quick! 

happy tuesday!

Friday, October 16, 2015


working on wooden cradles....2 to be precise. a mix of gesso, acrylic paint, charcoal and high-flow ink.

this was going to be strictly monochromatic.....but, i can hardly maintain that.

love the texture of scraps and marks...and layered words written into the gesso and with pencil.

it is always interesting though, because i was beginning to think i was almost done with these; but, seeing the pics.....the pieces look "not done." so back to the studio and it will be time to pull up those big girl panties.....

you know that stage- you really like what you have and may be afraid to go and push further cuz you may ruin the whole thing?! this is where the big girl panties come in....pull those up and push that uncertainty aside and be brave to get to the next level. i think alot of times pieces are not "successful" because i didn't keep pushing to get to the next level.

back to the studio......happy friday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

i don't know how windy it has been where you live, but, it has been crazy windy here.....all those reds, yellows, and golds are being blown right off of the trees with our 60 mph gusts. i have had to do some traveling recently with work and have been admiring the glorious colors of falls before they are gone.

driving provides my mind with time to wander as i am taking in the colors. i have ideas and concepts whirling around in my head like the leaves blowing around in the streets. some i get down onto paper, but, some whirl around and may keep blowing on down the street. sometimes it is so hard to capture those fleeting thoughts isn't it?

do you have ideas and concepts you have been working on? leave me a comment and let me know.

happy wednesday!

Monday, October 12, 2015

tagged...{pray madam}

cannot wait to share my tags with my swap partner cuz i just love how my tags turned out for this swap.......

made two tags....the first one was a witch. 

love her fabric hat and "V" in her dress. the book paper note on the tag says, "Pray Madam" which i thought was so appropriate for the tag. there is also a strip of yarn with threads on her hat and so love the 31 "eye" that i added for detail.

the second tag is plainer with the number 31 stamped and embossed. each tag is a bifold of a manilla folder and is double thick stitched together. i like how the stitching frames each tag and its' content.

hope you have a spooky monday....

Friday, October 9, 2015


how i am feeling....

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

think gift....

think gift - for yourself or a friend......are you an artist? do you go and paint with friends or take classes? or maybe have a friend who is an artist?......this is a super cute pencil/ paintbrush bag; and everyone would gush over your super cute pencil bag- or your gift to an artist friend. it was listed this morning to my etsy shop.

its' front panel is hand dyed and stamped with a black and white fringe along the lime green zipper. the back panel is a large turquoise polka dot.

this will hold even your long paintbrushes....see my silver one? one of my favorite paintbrushes for sure....wouldn't leave the house to paint without it!

the end has a cute vintage button sewn onto the end- just to keep the details on point for this bag. this bag also has a sari ribbon handle to snag this bag with a finger.

Monday, October 5, 2015

village of homes {samples}

have been thinking about houses and how to make are my sample runs. my first one turned out huge! the second one was much more reasonable.

i really like the beading across the roof edge. i also used a variety of fabrics including a scrap of a navy sweater for the front panel.

my big one unfortunately was good in theory; but, poor in execution..... i wrote the definition of "home" out of one of my 1928 dictionaries. the shape of that poor house...... i am not sure on that one. it is so ugly though that it is almost cute....

the big house does have some nice details- like i the beading and hand stitching along the bottom edge and the little lace panel on the side...

and i felt like the roof line needed some help- so i used some vintage ephemera and some more fabric.

here is a pic of both houses- i also love that huge button the big house- had been saving that one for something good.

happy monday!

Saturday, October 3, 2015


sometimes from humble beginnings paintings emerge....

loved the colors that were emerging as i was working on this one.

had a bit of color-love going on (still....)

had these colorful circles pop up...

loving this view across the paper....

happy saturday!