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Monday, October 5, 2015

village of homes {samples}

have been thinking about houses and how to make are my sample runs. my first one turned out huge! the second one was much more reasonable.

i really like the beading across the roof edge. i also used a variety of fabrics including a scrap of a navy sweater for the front panel.

my big one unfortunately was good in theory; but, poor in execution..... i wrote the definition of "home" out of one of my 1928 dictionaries. the shape of that poor house...... i am not sure on that one. it is so ugly though that it is almost cute....

the big house does have some nice details- like i the beading and hand stitching along the bottom edge and the little lace panel on the side...

and i felt like the roof line needed some help- so i used some vintage ephemera and some more fabric.

here is a pic of both houses- i also love that huge button the big house- had been saving that one for something good.

happy monday!

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