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Friday, April 6, 2018

new home.... {same journey}

is moving to a new home! yes..... i did say moving.

i have contemplated this for quite some time. patiently waiting and mulling this over.
you all know i am only techy enough to really be dangerous- but, this is where having a great friend comes in. (i will introduce you to my great friend today)

but you know the one i am talking about - the friend with skills
and good advice.
business sense.
and a fantastic creative eye.
someone you trust.

and so, today you will find a new website and at noon, a new blog post at my new home:

and i say farewell to this comfort zone that has fostered my art journey and brought new friends and followers.... and i ask you to take a small leap of faith with me.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

for the views and quick peeks. 
and for all of the comments

new home. same journey.

happy friday.

xo. kristin

Thursday, April 5, 2018

serendipitous..... {the100dayproject- a video}

so earlier this week i posted that i was going to participate in the 100 day project- but, when i posted that accountability, i really hadn't thought it all the way through- as i really didn't have a plan as to what i was going to do.....

i was thinking maybe tea bags, coffee filters, and maybe just small squares of paper...... but, over Easter our youngest son and i were shopping and i purchased a package of timecards. my son of course, thought i was crazy! why in the world would you buy those? well to make into art of course- i just didn't realize at that time what destiny those timecards would have. 

so when i grabbed the package to head to the studio and start my 100 day project i noted this..... my package of timecards was 100 count.

as soon as i saw that i knew that a little serendipity had occurred, and i had my hands on the right substrate for this 100 day project.

check out this video of my first timecard....




xo. kristin

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

calendar..... {april}

happy april. 

not sure where you are at, but here in midwest we are technically in spring- but if you were to visit....oh wait a minute- you probably couldn't get here due to a winter storm, which then made roads icy and difficult to navigate.

as we received another 6" of snow yesterday with wind making it bitterly cold and glazing sidewalks and roads.

 and this morning the temp is 5 degrees F; and with the windchill we feel like -7. 

seven below on april fourth.

where is spring?!

so her irritated, slightly crabby, stern look is exactly how i feel about april right now. 

xo. kristin

Monday, April 2, 2018

speak her actions..... {accountable-the100dayproject}

she would need to put it in writing and speak her action in order to be held accountable.

especially because life was busy. 

and she was putting extra pressure on herself to create (which leads to nothing. and when i say nothing....that is what she is able to create when she thinks she has to create to sell and not just make for herself).

she is mildly lost at this moment.

and so, she will speak her action and commit to doing the100dayproject.

xo. kristin