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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


this girl has totally taken flight.....because this morning i am introducing Dream Thicket.

so excited to share this information with everyone! through a collaboration with the very talented Roben-Marie Smith i have my own rubber stamp line (....pinch me now!!) which is now available in Roben-Marie's store Paperbag Studios!

all the images were created by me and now you can use these rubber stamps in your work as well! art journaling, mixed media, or even on cotton fabric...whatever you come up with!

we are doing a blog hop- and have a great list of artists who created with Dream Thicket rubber stamps- so be sure to check out the links below. you won't want to miss these!

the Dream Thicket rubber stamps are a deep cut rubber stamp with great image quality and this sheet will come however you would like.....want the stamps already mounted on wood? got it! how about cling so you can use your clear acrylic block to check placement? got those too! or do you like to do your own mounting and cut out? sorry you are out of luck...just kidding!! if you like to do your own mounting- Paperbag Studios has that too!

here are a couple of my own examples. be sure to stop back as i will be posting other creative examples all week!

here is our list of creative souls that joined this journey and created with Dream Thicket rubber stamps:

Roben-Marie Smith
Mystele Kirkeeng
Shelley Chavis
Tina Walker
Nellie Wortman
Mo Wassell
Colette Copeland
April Cole
Mary Nasser
Susan Gallitto
Jennifer Stone

Friday, June 26, 2015

pocket page {round two}

i so enjoyed making the first pocket page- i could hardly wait to make another one. i like using items that are immediately available on my studio counter and within arms reach.

here are a couple of my favorite pieces....

the tag was watercolors underneath and i was not happy with where it was going; but, glad i stuck with it as it is now one of my favorite pieces in this pocket page.

i had saved the little cardboard even though the front plastic holder and shoulder clips were long gone....i liked the image of the girl and thought she would be cute with something. i had to cut the cardboard down to fit my pocket, and stitched a little lace, ribbon, fabric and topped with a gold button.

here is the finished page ready to be sent out.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

a conversation

my mom had purchased this book for me "101 things to learn in art school" and each time i look through- something reaches out and whispers to my soul.

this particular note grabbed my attention and as i read through the message- i was contemplating my own artistic journey.

i think that initially- i knew what i wanted to do, but, lacked understanding on several levels for my own personal success... color palette, color wheel, and composition. i was afraid of neon colors and did not understand what would make my painting/ journaling pop. and composition.....this can still be a struggle. but, a few key notes.....collage papers need friends- always give them at least one friend and don't leave things hanging....they need to be grounded. "an image may contain information that arrives without your conscious understanding of how it got there. if you aren't engaged and observant, you might miss it or work over it."

i believe that i would previously work over it or miss it completely.....have a conversation with yourself and what you are creating- take your time if you need to....and keep practicing and pushing through; keep working and always learning.

i am preparing to go to class at the end of this week- so excited!

happy tuesday!

Friday, June 19, 2015


i am not sure about you, but, tgif.....

Monday, June 15, 2015

art in a box- wander

doing a little artistic wandering....exploring.

what if i do this? a little of that? does this work? i know i have something in this drawer that will work...if i can find it.

participating in an art in a box swap. this has been something that i have wanted to try and i have to say.....after making this one, i feel hooked and will have to try this again. maybe next time trying my hand at making my own box.

i made my art in a box in two pieces. i cut a piece to work on and then, glue into my actual box.

i used a variety of vintage papers and some stamping for the background of my piece above...including a pic of a great, great, great uncle- who was looking rather dapper. i used a piece of sticky back foam to pop my word off the page.

i had the perfect sized box and painted the edges and some of the background black. i had cut the box down to a size i felt would fit my piece which ended up being about a 2" edge.

i glued my background into my box and then added the little car and houses from a vintage monopoly game. love this....

happy monday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

paint card

a few stolen moments last night working on thank you cards for our grad and had set my paint card down....loving the colors and the soft bend my hands have created for a perfect fit of this card into my hand for painting.

happy wednesday!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

details {of a pocket page}

stitched up a little goodness with a used papertowel that been used to remove some acrylic paint; some vintage buttons, and a little hand sewing.

the circle is a paperscrap that was torn too big- so place a couple strategically placed folds with some stitching....and it is good.

this is an "about me- likes"....what do i like? the color pink, coffee, spray ink, acrylic paint, warm concrete on bare feet, rubber stamps, sunshine, vintage anything- worn and loved, music, old cars, and small towns.......

this is a ATC- but, the pocket page could not be made up of ATCs; so i only included this one. the card and japanese paper scrap as well as the vintage fabric piece i cut is from my vintage pack i had gotten from BlueTwig Studio. the pack was jam packed and full of goodness if you are looking for some ephemera- this would be a good option.

picked this little paperscrap up and added a stamp and have been so inspired by adding black- that i when i was thinking i was almost done....i sprayed it with black ink and let it run and then went back in with a white paint pen to bring my stamp back a bit and add detail.

this is again....paperscraps off my counter with a strip of washi tape- simple.

is this a receipt? from a farm services in 1960....why yes. it is also the paper i used to write my swapping partner a note. i so love this little stash of ephemera.

and this is the whole pocket page filled with goodness for my swapping hope she enjoys it.

happy thursday!