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Monday, June 15, 2015

art in a box- wander

doing a little artistic wandering....exploring.

what if i do this? a little of that? does this work? i know i have something in this drawer that will work...if i can find it.

participating in an art in a box swap. this has been something that i have wanted to try and i have to say.....after making this one, i feel hooked and will have to try this again. maybe next time trying my hand at making my own box.

i made my art in a box in two pieces. i cut a piece to work on and then, glue into my actual box.

i used a variety of vintage papers and some stamping for the background of my piece above...including a pic of a great, great, great uncle- who was looking rather dapper. i used a piece of sticky back foam to pop my word off the page.

i had the perfect sized box and painted the edges and some of the background black. i had cut the box down to a size i felt would fit my piece which ended up being about a 2" edge.

i glued my background into my box and then added the little car and houses from a vintage monopoly game. love this....

happy monday.

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