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Friday, July 24, 2009

five senses friday

another summer week has past....

i can hear the birds in the trees chirping and chattering this morning. an owl in the old tree next door.
i can hear the heartbreak of my two best friends who had both called yesterday completely distraught- pleading for me to call back. both kid/ parent issues but at the opposite spectrums. one kid/ stupid choice, the other parent/ health....

i can see the stillness in our trees this morning. it is very calming, peaceful...

my feet step off the steps and onto the warm cement driveway. i can feel the course grooves of the cement under my feet. the warmth feels good- the morning is actually a little cool.

summer has to be the best- strawberries, blueberries- i can't keep enough in the house. the peaches and nectarines so juicy it drips off your chin- those are the best.

i can smell anticipation of possible change in our air here...discussions of why a move would be good- not a huge move, but, a move is a move; however, the amount of change would be schools, new friends...alot of work; is the whole lot of work and change worth the change....we have high would need to be perfect. so until we figure this out...the smell of anxious, nervous, underlined with excitement at potentials....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

deja vu

we watched a really freaky show the other night(so very good if you like scary shows) and i thought it was interesting that the medium in the show was a kid. then, the more i got to thinking about it, it made more a kid i use to have many experiences of deja vu and ones that felt very strong, but, as i have gotten older the experiences are far less frequent and even if i should have one, much weaker.

so do you think the older we get, maybe more responsibility, jobs, our own kids, life in general, just gets in the way, and we are just not open to those experiences? i wonder to myself, as the tv has some video game playing, there is music playing because the game isn't enough, the phone is ringing (and no one is answering it...oh, wait- there is hope-someone grabbed it), and our oldest son is talking to me as i am trying to type my thoughts....and i wonder why i don't listen to the little voices or paying enough attention to experience deja vu....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shapes of creativeness

on a trip into town the kids were playing that game where you make shapes out of the on my walk last night, i was thinking about that and looking at the trees. i have always worked in the medical field- (my professional career- plenty of crappy minimum wage jobs before and during college) and the trees always remind me of our lungs.

ok- now you are saying what are you talking about. but, i did angiograms of pretty much anywhere or any organ in the body in my previous job and the one dreaded exam was the one of the lungs. digital was in full bloom in our dept, but, we had one doc that believed when shoot the pictures of the lungs- actual film was the way to go. we rarely used the film except for lungs, so, it never failed- the bucky (the thing that is holding the film before it is exposed)would jam. long story....the first few pictures of the angiogram look like a winter tree- bare branches; starting with the trunk and then, dividing and dividing. once you get past those first few frames the contrast would fill all the little capillaries and the lungs would "blush" looking like a summer tree. the few few pictures were always very pretty...even the blush was cool- it was just really full. so, just in case you were ever wondering what a pulmonary angiogram looked like- trees. and use that language- pulmonary angiogram- you can impress your friends....

photos: my tree at dusk by joiseyshowaa

Sunday, July 19, 2009


well, a new addition has come to the family....we had been trying to get a new small dog for about a month through someone i knew; but, that did not pan out at all. so, i had decided when the time was right- something would come along....on friday, i got a call from a friend of mine at work about a small dog who was in need of a good home. we went and look at him last night- too cute and very friendly. so, this morning he is sitting on my lap as i type- he definitely has morning breath....we will have to work on that- good thing he is cute.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

let's talk karma....

so let's talk about the whole karma thing...i go to the arts and craft show at the park- it is very busy and a ton of really talented people showing their wares....we do a little shopping downtown as long as we are in town and finally go to leave. now, we had come in two cars and went to the show in one because parking was horrible; so, we are back to the other car, and i cannot find the key. not a whole ring full of keys that most certainly would not have just slipped into my sweatshirt pocket, but, one single key; which when i put my sweatshirt around my waist because it was now hot- apparently fell out. so, we go back to the fair and i wander around the spot where i took my sweatshirt off and decide that there are now a million people here and even now that the grass is fully trampled- i am never going to find the key and must now call my husband and break the good news to him. nevermind that i am a little over an hour away from, my mom checks at the information booth and they send us over to the security booth. at security he asks me what the key looks like and i tell him it's a dodge and just a single key- he goes and looks....and comes out with A key- my key. now this is an older hiway patrol officer and i don't think i have ever wanted to hug someone ever!! i told him- see this phone, on the other end of the line is my husband who is now "oober" relieved that the key was turned in., clearly karma was working for me yesterday- it was the needle in a haystack. wow....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday fun...

well, long week finally over. i've had a "finable" report that needed to be turned in on friday- what a relief to submit that and be over that hurdle. so, time for a little fun this weekend!! i am meeting my mom and going to an art fair this morning- and i can hardly wait! i have not been to this one in a long time. we use to go to alot when i was growing mom and gramma are very talented ladies! they have always been as connor would say- "artsy-fartsy." i wish i would have listened a little closer growing up (that whole kid thing going on...)- probably would have learned a whole lot more from these two- but, i am paying close attention now and they each continue to get better and better each year.....we celebrated gramma's 95th birthday this last spring. such an amazing and talented woman- she is into portraits-sketching people; and they are incredible!

Friday, July 3, 2009

five senses friday

i can close my eyes and still see all the wonderful colors that Bob Burridge will use to paint- even though i have been home a week now.

i can still smell all that excitement in the air of 26 artists there to learn and watch Bob paint. and some very talented people in the student chairs....

when Bob was lecturing- what great interaction from the group....i can hear the laughter. and when we would be could hear the music in the background, and the brushes and fingers painting.

i could taste the anticipation of another day- hardly able to wait to learn some more; not able to sleep because i was so excited to learn more....

i discovered i love to paint with my fingers (image that...). i would dab before, but, now, i really love to just paint with them. i love the feel of the paint on my fingers- i love the way that i can still be picking those beautiful colors off of my fingers hours, and hours later...and still see traces of those colors.

i have been home for a week- but, i wanted to make sure and capture what and how i felt that week of painting. i can't explain or tell you enough- inspirational.

happy 4th

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wtj- week 4: personal coolness...

i watched Jamie's video this week and found it just what i needed and i am hoping what others needed as well....i remember in week 1 and 2 thinking OMG- I have to do that because that was soooo cool; but, when it came right down to it- i really don't want to follow along (except for the cherry kisses- i couldn't resist those). what i really wanted by participating in this journey was to find my own way because- there will be some of the tasks that will be a big stretch- like the shower bit- i still haven't done that one- and i am sooo admiring those of you who have gone for it with gusto. i know i will in my own time, but, i am so enjoying the little stretches right now. i am really happy to be a part of this- what an incredible bunch of individuals we are! wreck on and i am totally in on the trading away our favorite page!!