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Monday, October 30, 2017

blog post.... {stencil love}

i can finally tell you.... i am the guest designer for stencilgirl today!!!!

i was so very excited to create and be the guest designer featured for stencilgirl today...... so thankful for the opportunity. 

i wanted to share some of my other favorites pics from previous stencil posts here.

why do i use stencils?
  • make papers as seen below
  • layer colors/ texture into my art journal pages or mixed media pieces
  • tone something that may be overworked (this is a favorite tidbit of knowledge....)

my made papers....

painted file folder with my favorite stencil

art journal page with this stencil

overworked file folder- again....favorite stencil

this one just love. i loved the combination of paint and spry inks from use of this one.

working a file folder again here and loving this stencil from Rae Missigman

art journal page with this stencil

mixed media on watercolor paper with my favorite stencil

this one is another must have.....

if you can't tell.... i love stencils and stencilgirl is the go-to place for any of your stencil needs.

i am so very thankful for the opportunity to create and write a post for stencilgirl.

happy monday.

xo. kristin

Friday, October 27, 2017

travel & doodles {planner art}

flower doodles in my planner. regular black ink pen with finger-painted watercolor

this last weekend i traveled to texas. 
it was a busy weekend; but i always pack a small art travel bag to take along. 

what do i pack in this bag?

  • 2017 planner- i like to write while i travel as well; nothing serious....observations while in the airport; up coming plans; brain storming ideas; anything that comes to mind
  • watercolor pencils- only my favorite colors; turquoise, green, pink, orange.....
  • thin markers- only one or two colors; my favorite is Jane Davenport's turquoise
  • child's watercolor palette- you know the one..... yellow plastic with the clear top and only 8 color pans with the crappy brush (interesting to even try to paint with that brush)
  • stabilo pencil in black
  • black ink pen- any regular black ink pen will do
  • pigma micron 03 black ink pen

this was the evening sky on saturday after a day of racing while we waited to see justin timberlake.....(justin timberlake....)

but back to reality- 

temps in texas- 80's
temps in minnesota- 50's with a super stiff wind; with snow threatening today


xo. kristin

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

she would {planner art}

she would sometimes need to limit her view

to keep:

to find her voice

limited travel supplies. planner art.

xo. kristin

Monday, October 23, 2017

altered altoid tin {spooky}

participated in an altered altoid tin swap and had so much fun creating this....

here are a few still shots for details....

Friday, October 20, 2017

collaged {and some colorlust}

still totally obsessed with payne's grey and quin nickel azo gold.

this was a demo while teaching my collage class.

purposeful papers; shapes; layered.

xo. kristin 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

collage.... {student's}

the ladies that took my collage class worked so hard and did such a fantastic job with collage, i just have to share....

check out all of this wonderful collage work!! i loved what they made!

Monday, October 16, 2017

collage squares {video}

i taught a collage class this past saturday and wanted to have collage samples of exactly what i was talking about. the types of paper, the purpose behind the paper selection, and at least a few options of other things to do with your collage.
here is a short video of the collage squares i made for class.

i think my favorite one is the little guy with the paper hat and hand sewing. 

which one is your favorite?

these were so much fun- thinking of making more and putting in my etsy store for the holidays.

happy monday.

xo. kristin

Friday, October 13, 2017

sewingswag {custom bags}

do you know that i sew?.... almost becoming a lost art now a days; but me......

i come from a long line of seamstresses. both of my grammas sewed as well as my mom. 
clothes, furniture slip covers- they did it all. and they did it superbly. if i could describe the shirt i wanted, my gramma could sew it for me without a pattern.

i used to sew clothes for my kiddos when they were little, but as they grew up- (and they could voice their own opinion), slowly that changed.

then i found sewing on paper..... and love that almost as much as sewing on fabric. i don't hesitate for a moment to go and throw my paper under the sewing machine.

 but i have found a bit of a balance however between art and sewing in the form of bags and my dolls (current doll i am working on).

both the bags and dolls make great gifts and i am always open to custom orders. size, color, lined with plastic, maybe no tell me. 

happy friday.

xo. kristin

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

collage {black n cream}

still workin' the collage samples for class. 

this one in black and creams:

various scrapbook paper
masking tape
washi tape
dictionary page

happy hump day. 

xo. kristin

Monday, October 9, 2017 {video}

don't you just love it when your package from stencilgirl is waiting for you when you get home from work?! i do!!

i had new stencils arrive the end of this last week and couldn't stand not taking them down to the studio.

here is a quick peek of how i like to use my stencils to tame a busy background from my youtube channel.

happy monday. 

xo. kristin

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

collage {teaching}

like this little collage square?

wanna come to a collage class?! i will be teaching saturday, october 14 at  Mosiac Studio.

making a few samples to get ready for the class.

super excited to teach as we will be moving from simple collage to a bit more complex by adding paint and ink. our focus will be on freedom, play and exploration of paper.

come join me!

xo. kristin

Monday, October 2, 2017

compositional {dreaming}

compositional dreaming....wishing it were still the weekend.

i am not ready for monday; i don't want to go to my big girl job. 

my head is whirling with ideas and things i want need to do in my studio.

did i mention the need?!.....

monday. blah. blah. blah.......

xo. kristin