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Friday, November 30, 2012

friday fill-ins

IMG_2629 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2629, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.
and.... here we go.....
  1. why is it that i am not done christmas shopping?
  2. how much the dog weighs in meatballs, (this one is for you boys....) that's what i want to know!
  3. hold on- do you hear your wishes whispering to you? listen closely and reach for those dreams.
  4. we are ready for change, but, it needs to come soon.
  5. do you collect something? what is it? i love old, vintage clocks.
  6. remember to live, laugh every day- it is good for you, be with who you love.
  7. and as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to watching my husband play family feud, tomorrow my plans include going shopping with my best friends and the ladies, and sunday, i want to work in my shop to get ready for the upcoming art show- Artists Against Hunger.

Monday, November 26, 2012

yupo paper continued....

IMG_2622 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2622, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.
this is my newest rendition on the yupo paper....i continued to play and then decided that what it really needed was to add some collage and my favorite french script stamp. ultimately, my plan is to cut this large sheet into several small original works for an up-coming show. :)

 Artists Against Hunger Show  is coming up in two weeks. the show will kick off on friday, dec 7th.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

art journal

IMG_2619 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2619, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.
here is my newest entry into my art journal. i tried donna downey's technique of putting  sticker numbers underneath and then painting over. i collaged one of my wine label's toad hollow. the label is super cool and as i remember the wine was very good too!

Friday, November 23, 2012

a reminder to have faith- a gift for a friend

IMG_2499 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2499, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.
when one door closes, another door will open. you must believe.....recently i was reminded of this through a friend. i made her this. it was for her new desk,.......she never doubted.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"give thanks" door

i had picked up this kitchen cupboard door- it was an sample from a home improvement center; knowing that i would re-purpose it....i lightly sanded it, wiped down and painted it black.

once the black was dry, i used a fairly bright yellowish green and raw sienna. i painted the green all over and used the raw sienna only as an accent on the corners and on the inside along the edges. i then sanded the edges and corners to provide that worn look i was looking for and allow the black to show through.

i then drew the words in pencil and then followed up with a sharpie and a coat of spray varnish to keep my cupboard looking good! and i deeply apologize.....i saw this idea on another blog and i now, i cannot find it to share the link (thought i had pinned it....). my door looks very similar, so, if you have seen something like this- please leave me a note so i can give proper credit. thanks!

Monday, November 19, 2012

i had started another art journal...mainly because it is a music notebook and liked how the paper was ruled. i have seen several other journal on different paper and liked how those looked. i decided that the cover was way too boring... there was a nice watercolor palette close and i just started to paint.
add a few little details- i like the blue arrows....

here is the cover as it is now. i don't like my green blob at the bottom, but, collage can fix that easily enough. it is not the most beautiful, but, i did have a good time!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

model drawing

thursday night i went over to the city and joined my mom at the university to go to the model drawing class. the model for the evening was a very agile young man who did almost impossible poses. i am not evening willing to show a glimpse of the quick 3 minute warm up sketches- you would think your five year old had done them....

this was his last pose and he held this for 40 minutes. i wasn't as happy with my paper- i was wishing i had some colored paper for the pastels to show up better on, but, what do you do....the other thing i learned that night, is that india ink does not like to be on top of pastel- at all.....friday morning, i was liking my drawing much better. i decided it was probably in direct correlation to the amount of competition at home versus the university.... :), but, i do like it now- it is what i would term "my speed."

Friday, November 16, 2012

friday fill-ins

and here we go......
  1. if you have an art journal- leave me a note so i can come and visit!
  2. you DO NOT want me singing la, la, la; or anything else for that matter (so tone deaf....).
  3. i have to ask you- what is your favorite pie? thanksgiving is next week!
  4. not many vices; but, definitely a creature of habits.
  5. i didn't have time this week to be on pinterest...almost a sin, huh?! wanna follow me?
  6. vintage silverware is something i love beyond reason- almost need therapy...
  7. as for this weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to spending time at home, tomorrow my plans include a local auction and some basketball, and sunday, i want to spend some time in my studio!

Monday, November 12, 2012

paper doodles

i loved the colors....happy monday!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

i want grass in my living room now....

love the addicted! and i think i want a pomp too!! happy saturday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

and here we go.....
  1. one time, i took a leap of faith and started this blog. (from humble beginnings....)
  2. my art journal, is something that makes me smile.
  3. seven words i love: vintage, rusty, worn, loved, believe, dream, happiness.
  4. i love big, fluffy snow; against a blue black night sky.
  5. i looked out the window today and saw light fog.
  6. she believed she could- so she did,.... and that's saying something! believe....
  7. and as for the weekend, tonight i am looking forward to the start of our occasional sale; tomorrow my plans include the second day of our sale, and on sunday, i want to relax.                   .

Thursday, November 8, 2012

last day of wait 'til occasional sale!!

one last evening to finish organizing and arranging and we go live with the occasional sale!!! hoping it goes well...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 days 'til occasional sale

we will have retro table clothes and some vintage quilts....

and just in case you are getting into the christmas spirit early- we have a very cute retro gold tree with some vintage bulbs. the last couple of nights we have been pricing and arranging....i think we have a good, clear vision of what our occasional sale will look like. i cannot wait to greet our shoppers and see their reactions.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 days 'til occasional sale....

my partners had taken out most of their stuff this past weekend, so last night was my first glimpse at the items that will be for sale at our occasional sale. i can already tell you....i'm in trouble! i loved some of the things that were already there; like this adorable small, orange pitcher.

and i am such a sucker for globes....and this one is big! and so cool....

and can someone say vintage glitz?! cuz we have a retro glam 4 chair dinette set in great condition.

looking for vintage items for the kitchen? we would have you covered. i love the yellow and white vintage tins! going back out tonight with another load and to get stuff priced. i will keep you posted.....

Friday, November 2, 2012

friday fill-ins

and here we go.....
  1. i was wanting my own occasional sale, and next weekend it will happen!! it will include items that are vintage, rusty, worn, loved, and re-purposed. cannot wait!!
  2. i love when the moon is full.
  3. when we share coffee in the morning- it is the best. love you jp!
  4. collage is the best!! (love donna downey....)
  5. underneath it all, i just want a creative, inspiring life.....
  6. oh! and thanks for acrylic paint. (this is one of my newest paintings....)
  7. and as for the weekend, tonight i'm looking forward to seeing our oldest son (we are headed to rapid city, sd to visit him at college), tomorrow my plans include seeing my best friend for an early morning coffee and catch up, and sunday, i want to head back home to get ready for my occasional sale coming up next weekend.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

a cup full please....

i got these cute little teacups at an auction recently and knew i would probably not really use then, so let's re-purpose!! i knew what i wanted to do and picked up a nice little variety of plants last week at my favorite green house- harmony garden. i also told her, miss harmony garden, that she needed to be online! i had made up my cute little fairy gardens and wanted to link to her store so people would know how to find her.....and she was not there. she reassured me that she was working on it. so when she does, i will make sure to give proper credit to this wonderfully creative green thumb.

i know it is not a  cute little teacup, but, it is kind of a cute chippy red painted pot. see the brown nest- like stuff in this plant? her's looked like a bird nest at the store, so i bought some to put into my pots.....when i pulled mine apart, somehow it did not look the same as hers; but, i do like the texture it adds.