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Thursday, November 1, 2012

a cup full please....

i got these cute little teacups at an auction recently and knew i would probably not really use then, so let's re-purpose!! i knew what i wanted to do and picked up a nice little variety of plants last week at my favorite green house- harmony garden. i also told her, miss harmony garden, that she needed to be online! i had made up my cute little fairy gardens and wanted to link to her store so people would know how to find her.....and she was not there. she reassured me that she was working on it. so when she does, i will make sure to give proper credit to this wonderfully creative green thumb.

i know it is not a  cute little teacup, but, it is kind of a cute chippy red painted pot. see the brown nest- like stuff in this plant? her's looked like a bird nest at the store, so i bought some to put into my pots.....when i pulled mine apart, somehow it did not look the same as hers; but, i do like the texture it adds.

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