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Friday, October 31, 2014

design team: BlueTwig Studio

so excited to announce i was selected to be on the design team for BlueTwig Studio. i was chosen with 2 other very talented ladies. BlueTwig Studio is owned by Deb Prewitt, who was only present online until just recently when she took the plunge and opened up a brick and mortar store in colorado. so if you live in the area go check out her new place! but you can always shop at Deb's online store- shop here! you will find all sorts of fabulous stuff for all of your creative needs.

i will give a sneak peak below at what i made with items from her store and will give full instructions and products tomorrow. stop back!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

round 2 for recipe card

i made another recipe card- this one is actually more of a recipe holder with a pocket on the back to hold the recipe written out on small sheets of paper.

i cut down a file folder to make this recipe card because it is a bit sturdier than paper and not overly thick like cardboard. i like the tab i left and it was perfect for adding the words i had found, "licking his lips."

when i cut down the file folder- i made the card 4" x 6". i used acrylic paint and a stencil for the larger circles, and spray ink and another stencil for the smaller circles. i applied the green with the edge of a gift card.

i added the little swatch of fabric for a soft touch and stitched around the very edge of the back paper to make my pocket for the pages.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

#throwback thursday

a few of my favorites on this throwback thursday.....

happy thursday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

stamping up a storm

i signed up for a stamping swap recently and made a tag and an ATC.

my tag was made with a base of scrapbook paper on the front and music paper on the back. i painted the tag with acrylic paint and added some silver spray ink to my background before stamping with some of my favorite stamps.

i added the ribbon that matched my paint to finish it off.

here is my ATC below. i gesso'd the front to start to cover most of the background before using spray ink and stencils to add more color. i also used walnut ink and more of my favorite stamps.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

homemade fall recipe card

i made a homemade fall recipe card this weekend as part of a swap with one of my favorite fall pumpkin cake recipes-check out the bottom of this post for the recipe link from my "fall" pinterest board.

i used a cut down a file folder down to size at 4 1/4" by 6". i used stencils and some of my favorite acrylic paint and stamps, and india ink... and quick and witty quote from a vintage book.

i couldn't quite fit the entire recipe onto the back of my card, so i added the rest of the recipe onto paper and attached to my file card with washi tape at the bottom of the card.

my recipe was the pumkin spice cake with caramel pecan glaze.......happy fall!

Monday, October 6, 2014

ATC- spooky girls

we had a busy weekend this past weekend, but, i did sneak down to the studio for a short time to create my spooky ATCs that are going to be traded. i used regular playing cards as the base. i put gesso on each card before starting my work. the images are from a vintage wards catalog.

i also made a quick envelope for each card.

happy monday

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

personal reminder- ATCs

still feeling like i am struggling to find my stride with this whole full time gig. i think part of it is that i was usually able to find studio time for sure on the weekends, but, we have had outside house painting to do the past couple of weekends....which has eaten into my studio time.

as i was looking through fairly recent creations, i ran across my inspiration ATC cards i had made for an august swap. i didn't realize that i would need to see my own words.

you can....i can....yes.........we can.

there's time to-day....there is....even if it is only 15 minutes- take the time for yourself (myself).

to conquer....this time struggle. i can. you can. we can......