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Monday, June 29, 2009

landscape pictures...

well, i am posting some of my success this last week. again, i can't say enough about the class- spectacular!! hope you enjoy....thanks for looking! the top picture should be an original Robert Burridge on the left and my version on the right....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

land scapes....

landscapes can be absolutely breath taking- like the trip out to the black hills this past weekend. i mentioned that we had gone out for a family reunion and the drive out- spectacular!! not a breathe of wind, so, all the water in the fields were a perfect mirror reflecting their beautiful prairie landscape....that being said...

today- still at art class....landscapes. well, let me tell you something- these are not my forte. i had four pieces going (ALWAYS paint in a series....-see what i have learned) on my landscapes. had picked my colors; had picked my forms, and had the committment to do these...well, what a disaster. BUT, actually, i did have one that Bob Burridge had said was a winner (such an honor...). i said, well, i did four paintings, and he stated- and you had ONE that is a winner- that is awesome! i had been feeling rather defeated and more than a little frustrated until my mom encouraged me to look at my painting behind a frame (this trick too is a must) and when Bob saw it- he was like- awesome- so, how could i remain so defeated? i can't. today pushed me to my limited- somewhere i am not comfortable, but, dammit- i am going to try again tomorrow (with way less thought!!)-so stay tuned....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

speaking of creative journeys....

so....i am taking a Bob Burridge collage/ painting class this week with my mom. OMG- talk about shedding my hesitations about color. it is so cool- words can't even begin to explain how cool the last two days have been-so enlightening. if the class were to end today (which would totally break my heart...) i would have gotten ALL of my money worth (and this was not cheap), but, no heart breaking here- we will be here all week- yes, till friday!! yeah! i think i have been afraid of letting completely letting go on the color front when it comes to this part- but, the last two days i have been following the bob plan colorwheel- because that is ALL about the letting go- and it is sooooo refreshing. i can't wait to share my pictures- sorry, i forgot my usb cord to connect up to the computer- so, i am setting the bar of expectations high...and will post later. i also made a purchase....or two...sorry honey- if you read this, didn't we just talk about not necessarily asking for permission, but, rather begging for forgiveness.....i had spied the painting while looking around his site and fell in love with them, and was so surprised when low and behold his other painting came in them!

Monday, June 22, 2009

ruling wreckage....

here are a few photos of our (remember, i conned my mom into this....) recent wreckage from both of our journals. this has been a most wonderful experience. when i take my journal out to do something- who ever may be around me always asked- what is that? what are you doing? where did you get that? many questions and smiles when they page through and see what i have done and what directions are left to do....

you know, i was sooo excited to start and amazed at some of the trepidation but, i do have to admit, there are a couple of pages that i am like....can i really do this? of course the answer will be yes because i do not want to miss one opportunity of this creative journey that i have started. that journey is always full of twistes and turns cuz, if it wasn't what would be the point? would you really want to see the whole end from the very beginning? i just like knowing i am heading in the right direction.

Friday, June 19, 2009

five senses friday

looking for the details in life- making baby steps in the right direction (i think). taking inspiration from curiousgirl...

i can see a handful of a bunny hiding motionlessly beside the water pump among the wildly overgrown flowers

i can taste the hot sweet coffee-that i could keep drinking all day....especially when i am working on art

i can smell the clean fresh scent of soap still lingering on my sweetie as a sweep in for a kiss on the check this morning

i can feel the grit on the driveway under my feet as i am strolling down to appreciate my flower garden this morning

i can hear the stillness this morning- incredible

happy friday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i have to be honest- i am not the most "detailed" person especially considering i'm female...if you want details- my husband is brilliant this way (sorry to spill the beans sweetie). i can jump from a rusted out car to a grandiose vision of what it will be like finished- in perfect streetable color- but, not be able to see any of the details and work to get there....

i have been reading some blogs, and admire their visual, detailed way their life's journey is taking them. i am trying to "look" for more detail in life. i took some pictures of details i found around our steps here...

how detailed a person are you?

Monday, June 15, 2009

still reigning

i had checked out some of the other bloggers on wreck a journal....they are most wonderful. i was feeling inspired and thought i would post another page.

if you are here looking for progress on the wreck a journal- make sure to check out my mom's pictures from june 11- i talked her into it....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

let the wreckage reign

there is a slightly good feeling to being destructive; especially if that is what the instructions tell you to do isn't there? i always like the destruction- i like hoping to find something totally cool underneath exterior- hiding it. i also like knowing, that if i don't want to follow the instructions i can do what i want....and that is ok; maybe, hopefully, even expected- the whole, "not following the instructions" thing...anyway, i have been having a really good time wrecking my journal! being creative, and carefree, and destructive- in a good way. sometimes the wrecking is the best part; (only you don't know it yet)- you have layered, and pasted, and layered some more, only to find that you spilled on something it wrecking it- you think, destroying it; but, as you clean it up, layers come off, and other things peek through, and when you are done with all the clean up from your destruction, you have something that is really cool because you would have NEVER thought to do that, and yet- you totally love the finished product.

my hope is that everyone participating in this journey can find that totally wreckless abandonment, to find their something that they totally love in the end.

Friday, June 12, 2009


OMG....i was digging around and you know how you visit one blog and you think another blog looks interesting and so you click on that, and you click again...well- amongst my clicking i came across this very cool and talented person who has free background that are really cool!! if you are looking for a little flair or just a change- you should visit her and check them out here.

Five Senses Friday

i am always so inspired by curiousgirl_lisa and her five senses fridays, i am going to give it a whirl....

i can still see the not-so-straight lines in the grass from the boys mowing our lawn and the neighbor's lawn together last night- makes me smile....
i can see the new growth on my tree outside my kitchen window-taller, and taller.

i can still feel the sunshine and warmth on my skin from yesterday- we haven't seen the sun in nearly a week, and woke up to gloom and sprinkles again.

i can hear the endless days of summer with kids riding their bikes-going too fast dragging their shoes on the pavement, doing skids, and their laughter.

i had the first glass of real-summer lemon-aide, the glass pitcher, a ton of ice, and fresh sliced lemons floating on top....

i smelled the most incredible flower...our neighbor has a shrub with the prettiest white flower, that absolutely smelled heavenly sweet
i can smell the light scent,coconut-lime, of my new summer lotion, sooo nice....

may you, and I, remember to seek, find and savor those small moments that touch our senses.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

mom's wreck this journal

i talked my mom into participating in the wreck this journal with me and she has not taken the leap from the safe edge into the world of blogging yet....a very lite breeze may blow her off (and real soon....) so, i am posting her work for now and i will post tomorrow....enjoy!

calm among the wreckage

there has been alot of "wreckage" going on.....totally fun! even my kids think it is cool- they have "helped" with some of the wreckage. i may have to get them their own journals yet! i did take a break from the wreckage though and whip up a gift for a friend of mine who has moved to town; she is having a house warming party tonight. what could be better than friends, food, and a few gifts?
ok- this is where you get a little true flash of me...not only will my picture not stay rotated to post correctly and that is totally the one i want to publish, i took the picture before my matte medium was dry- so you can see these nice blobs holding onto my glass- perfect! watch how i don't care now and publish it anyway......

Monday, June 8, 2009

"for the record..."

well- let me tell you what. our youngest son was reading through the blog and let me know that the "mom spelling" of "oobber" was totally incorrect! he told me that in fact it should be spelled "uber" and that it was german and it means to express happiness and excitement. it should not necessarily be used as this, for example- super, duper, "oobber." like the next highest level- the maximum, if you don't pick up those dirty socks i will be "oobber" mad. i told him it was phonically correct, but, he was buying that....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

a little more cooking

the top pictures are another wonderful background i made using the "taking flight", here is my large canvas after a little more "cooking" and some collage....i have to say, if you are looking for some great inspiration and wonderful techniques- you need to have the book, "Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings" by Kelly Rae Roberts. the book is one of the best i have bought in a long time. the techniques are not normally how i paint, but, i have had some really good backgrounds- (definite keepers-no gesso here) and have found the book/ techniques to be very refreshing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wreck this Journal

ok- so externally, i have been the look of cool calm creativeness very patiently waiting to start my wreck a journal - BUT, on the inside....i have been the all-smiles, giggly, goofy, doing-the-little-girly-dance, are we ever going to start this? so- today is june 5 and i am posting me and my pristine journal- and will be posting our creative journey along the way until we have reached our destination!! hope you will join me! (ps- thanks curiousgirl-lisa for finding this wonderful project and blogging it!)


so i have to say- there is nobody better than my mom! only a mom keeps your art from when you are little and keeps it safe all those years (no need for numbers here....) and eventually returns it to you,... to remember your humble beginning and artful spirit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a good day

yes- a good day...on multiple fronts. the kids would say, because it was the last day of school; on my work front, i would say it was good because i finished my power point for tomorrow (i tend to function better with a deadline....), but, the best of all....on my creative front- my wreck a journal came TODAY!!!! it looks sooo cool- I can hardly wait! my oldest son read every page and HE thinks it looks fun and cool- he will be 15 on saturday- and he knows cool. so, i may have to get three more journals for the kids and let them have their way with 'em as well; which leads me to my next thing....the mom summer plan.

what is this you ask? it is the "ooobber" cool mom plan to keep the kids semi engaged throughout the summer and not allow their brains to completely turn to mush. it is: $$ for reading books, and we are making a trip to Barnes and Noble and each one can pick out their own journal for the summer- which they will have to use daily. they can choose to write or doodle, draw, color, paint, or whatever else their hearts fancy- just daily. so- we will see how this mom plan works out- i will keep everyone posted.

change thoughts

so what is it about the word "change?" when you heard it, the hairs are put on alert, ready to bristle unless it is your kid with those words- I brought you back your change. that's always good to hear- but, normally it is in a dream, right?!

i have been trying to decide which way is better with change....this mandatory- this must change, and then, you struggle to change, and probably have to change something else, but, in the end change happens and it is for the best- but, there is most definitely pain- for the changees and the changer. OR, is it better to have this slow evolution of change, that is happening so gradually you feel like nothing is happening?

Or, some happy medium where the change must happen, and the change is a larger stride than evolution and people can still "feel" it, but, it seems to go ok? With this one- i believe there is normally a people factor in there too- where there could be potential for alot of waiting for decisions and input and output....all i know is that change must continue to happen.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

end of school

tomorrow is the last full day of school- another year done and summer upon us....the kids are busy cleaning desks and locker out- tk brought home like 3 sweatshirts and her winter coat- yes, winter coat.....crazy. i am afraid to see what papers and garbage comes home with our oldest- long, lost assignments that are since made up and a stash of monster cans- nice combo, huh? our youngest....his will probably be the most interesting. he is still young enough that most normal everything should have come home, but, there may be some unexpected items- you know- good stuff you may find on the playground- that sort of stuff.

in the mean time, while the kids are cleaning and totally getting ready to "relax" my flowers are working hard at making the back yard stunnily beautiful. hope you enjoy the pictures of some of my beauties....the peonie smells as good as it looks.