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Sunday, June 14, 2009

let the wreckage reign

there is a slightly good feeling to being destructive; especially if that is what the instructions tell you to do isn't there? i always like the destruction- i like hoping to find something totally cool underneath exterior- hiding it. i also like knowing, that if i don't want to follow the instructions i can do what i want....and that is ok; maybe, hopefully, even expected- the whole, "not following the instructions" thing...anyway, i have been having a really good time wrecking my journal! being creative, and carefree, and destructive- in a good way. sometimes the wrecking is the best part; (only you don't know it yet)- you have layered, and pasted, and layered some more, only to find that you spilled on something it wrecking it- you think, destroying it; but, as you clean it up, layers come off, and other things peek through, and when you are done with all the clean up from your destruction, you have something that is really cool because you would have NEVER thought to do that, and yet- you totally love the finished product.

my hope is that everyone participating in this journey can find that totally wreckless abandonment, to find their something that they totally love in the end.

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  1. It's so true that as we're wrecking we're creating something totally unexpected - and we might even love it! Wouldn't that be cool!

    I hope you discover something amazing under the exterior!


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