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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a good day

yes- a good day...on multiple fronts. the kids would say, because it was the last day of school; on my work front, i would say it was good because i finished my power point for tomorrow (i tend to function better with a deadline....), but, the best of all....on my creative front- my wreck a journal came TODAY!!!! it looks sooo cool- I can hardly wait! my oldest son read every page and HE thinks it looks fun and cool- he will be 15 on saturday- and he knows cool. so, i may have to get three more journals for the kids and let them have their way with 'em as well; which leads me to my next thing....the mom summer plan.

what is this you ask? it is the "ooobber" cool mom plan to keep the kids semi engaged throughout the summer and not allow their brains to completely turn to mush. it is: $$ for reading books, and we are making a trip to Barnes and Noble and each one can pick out their own journal for the summer- which they will have to use daily. they can choose to write or doodle, draw, color, paint, or whatever else their hearts fancy- just daily. so- we will see how this mom plan works out- i will keep everyone posted.


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