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Friday, June 12, 2009

Five Senses Friday

i am always so inspired by curiousgirl_lisa and her five senses fridays, i am going to give it a whirl....

i can still see the not-so-straight lines in the grass from the boys mowing our lawn and the neighbor's lawn together last night- makes me smile....
i can see the new growth on my tree outside my kitchen window-taller, and taller.

i can still feel the sunshine and warmth on my skin from yesterday- we haven't seen the sun in nearly a week, and woke up to gloom and sprinkles again.

i can hear the endless days of summer with kids riding their bikes-going too fast dragging their shoes on the pavement, doing skids, and their laughter.

i had the first glass of real-summer lemon-aide, the glass pitcher, a ton of ice, and fresh sliced lemons floating on top....

i smelled the most incredible flower...our neighbor has a shrub with the prettiest white flower, that absolutely smelled heavenly sweet
i can smell the light scent,coconut-lime, of my new summer lotion, sooo nice....

may you, and I, remember to seek, find and savor those small moments that touch our senses.

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