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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

change thoughts

so what is it about the word "change?" when you heard it, the hairs are put on alert, ready to bristle unless it is your kid with those words- I brought you back your change. that's always good to hear- but, normally it is in a dream, right?!

i have been trying to decide which way is better with change....this mandatory- this must change, and then, you struggle to change, and probably have to change something else, but, in the end change happens and it is for the best- but, there is most definitely pain- for the changees and the changer. OR, is it better to have this slow evolution of change, that is happening so gradually you feel like nothing is happening?

Or, some happy medium where the change must happen, and the change is a larger stride than evolution and people can still "feel" it, but, it seems to go ok? With this one- i believe there is normally a people factor in there too- where there could be potential for alot of waiting for decisions and input and output....all i know is that change must continue to happen.....

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