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Friday, August 31, 2012

measuring up

as a parent, and taking your first born to college- this week has been a test...did we as parents measure up? as a mom i have worried about our oldest son with this being his first week at college. i have worried about him getting up with his alarm clock, getting to class on time, getting himself to the cafeteria when he is supposed to so he can eat, to meet people, to do his homework....i could go on and on. with the holiday weekend though, i will get the chance to see him (no texts ;) and actually talk to him and see what all this week has brought. i want to see him, and part of me feels like he should be staying because it is college and i don't want him to miss anything. this week has been an emotional one and i have been hoping that i have indeed measured up as a parent, and that our son will also, measure up.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new baby ben

i got to play hookie yesterday from work to hang out with my best friend. we went to the city of brookings for the day and hit the downtown shops. looking in the first antique shop, i found this cute little baby ben.

i always have to check prices....i do not want to pay too much for any addition to my collection. because mine is far from perfect anyway....this newest addition stands at only 3 1/2 inches tall and is in wonderful shape.

the day was perfect- except that  we wanted to stop time, so we could hang out longer and enjoy this great downtown area. we managed to hit 2 antique shops and 2 clothes consignment shops; all of which were amazing. this week, especially, i have probably thought more about time in general as our oldest son is now at college. i hoped he was getting up on time and getting to class; and when he was thinking he was not meeting anyone and not liking school, i was hoping that time was flying by so it could be filled with better time. and because of the holiday weekend this coming weekend, he is probably hoping that time is flying by as well, so he can come home to the familiar. isn't it funny....i am either hoping for time to stand still or fly by, and bless its' heart, for it is steady (and for good reason.)

Monday, August 27, 2012

and then there were 4

we took our oldest son to college this weekend out in rapid city, south dakota. saturday, we needed to blow off a little steam however, and it was cool deadwood nights in deadwood. this is the kids in front of the four aces casino. our youngest in red shorts, our oldest looking at me with shades and smiling, our middle in purple, and our oldest's girlfriend (who wanted to come along to say goodbye.)

here is the couple taking a break from the walking and looking at the cars. the dynamics of our family is going to drastically change, as he was an extra driver and he and his brother had finally started really getting along good and bonding (just in time for him to leave for college....). i did get a text last night, and things were good. he had found some supper and managed to find someone else who is techy to help him get his gaming system hooked up to the fastest connect (cuz that is really important :) unlike getting his printer set up.....he will get it figured out- he will have to. but, this momma is still mildly worried and missing the first out of the nest.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


the local gallery i am in was having its' 2 year anniversary yesterday. while i was down helping, my great friend and owner told me that the artist who makes these birds is no longer going to make them.....i have purchased a flock over the past 2 years, but, never a bird for myself to enjoy.

i bought this pair yesterday. birds just for me....

Friday, August 24, 2012

how my garden grows

here is the painting with the words i painted over (my liberated post earlier)....this is my grunge flowers; that i now love.

this is a 30"x40" canvas. i used acrylic paint, india inks, gelatos (thanks Donna for introducing me to those!!), and collage with some paper and napkins.

the layers are rich and full of texture- you want to touch this painting. this garden was grown with a lot of love, sweat, and almost tears. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new post in art journal

played around the other night....alot of scraps off the table used. inks and gelatos provided the color pop to this page.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

out of pieces a girl is born

i had collected a pile of pieces, and finally had gotten time to put them together. this is my girl "doll" that was created. i am not sure if i am going to add anything else for her arms, or just let her be.

she may have to cook for just a bit, and see if i still like her....right now, in my strange eye, she is perfect and i love her.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

potential possibilities

i am so excited that my blank paint brush showed up!! i don't know if you know, but, over at Donna Downey, she is hosting an "altered paint brush" for her new studio/ gallery space (which is so cool!!). i love donna's work....she has collage mondays and inspiration wednesdays. check out her blog!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


i had been reworking a painting of mine, and trying so hard to salvage words that had been written when i made the first painting. i have worked, worked, and worked to get that painting to be something that i liked; and on sunday, i had had enough! i had a real pretty turquoise and painted directly over the words! i had no idea i was being so confined by the was like an elephant had been lifted off my shoulders! it was so liberating! here is a sneak peak at the new painting. i instantly loved the it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

finned beauty

i remember when my husband told me he was talking about getting another car....i said, unless it has fins, we don't need it; and then, he smiled.

and so, that is how we came to own this 1961 Imperial 2 door. it is in wonderful shape overall, and we are simply going to clean and drive. we have taken many cars apart and brought them back to life, but, that is not necessarily our plan for this one. we are going to let all its' natural patina show, and drive it how it is.

they just don't make cars like they used to; and i am not just talking about the square steering wheel.

it is far from perfect (as you can see, with the broken "l"...), but, it's fins were the largest made, and it's charm is inevitable. i can't wait to drive it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

last purchases at the 5 and dime

vintage and art books...a basket full!

canvas frames; some have the cut off canvas edges on them...kinda cool.

these are my favorite! i scored the shopping baskets and the stand! who can't use more cool storage?!

what can now be purchased for 10 and 15 cents?....i loved the little tags. i can hear them calling to be placed into something with collage.

my other favorite items...these small wooden boxes. a little dusty, but, totally cool!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

art journal- new doodles & collage

a small tree just off the porch

collage with my new the colors and the diamond shape.

i had used the q-tips for "painting" and had to keep them because of the good colors and an excuse to use my new tape.

again...a portion of one of my new napkins with a little watercolor.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

odds and ends

i used a little imagination to see a heart in this piece of rust that i found in the driveway.

i was pulling weeks and noticed the purple speckled leaves. the color is beautiful and i am fairly sure that this is a weed as well, but, because of the color, i am willing to wait just a bit.

i had this angel plant holder and in a storm a few years ago, it was thrown and broke. i kept a few pieces and i love her patina. she is my "ruin" in the front yard.

i apparently have a thing for copper boilers (these two are outside, and i have a few more in the basement....can't have too many) and as i was wandering around taking my pics, i noticed them sitting there patiently waiting for me to notice their patina. these two beauties sit on my front porch.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a bag full of potential

any chance i get to wander through the crafts stores, i grab! i got wander with my girlfriend when we were in the black hills. we went to michaels, and she shared her harrowing story of coming across the state the weekend before. i did actually have a purpose however, ....i was wanting sketch and wash pencils. my mom had let me borrow her pencil when we had gone to the drawing class a couple of weeks ago. i was hooked and was so wanting one for myself.

oh, and i was on the hunt for the new "smash" products. i had seen this new line in the target ad. i did find the products at michaels as well. i have been wanting that washi tape that keeps popping up everywhere, and this is pretty close i would imagine. i bought 2 rolls. :)

we also stopped at target while out on our adventure, and i scored these two so totally cute napkin packs. i used them in my journal (i will post new pages- very soon!), and am hoping to use each of these to make my own tape. i had posted previously how to make your own tape with a double stick tape from the hardware store.