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Monday, August 13, 2012

finned beauty

i remember when my husband told me he was talking about getting another car....i said, unless it has fins, we don't need it; and then, he smiled.

and so, that is how we came to own this 1961 Imperial 2 door. it is in wonderful shape overall, and we are simply going to clean and drive. we have taken many cars apart and brought them back to life, but, that is not necessarily our plan for this one. we are going to let all its' natural patina show, and drive it how it is.

they just don't make cars like they used to; and i am not just talking about the square steering wheel.

it is far from perfect (as you can see, with the broken "l"...), but, it's fins were the largest made, and it's charm is inevitable. i can't wait to drive it!

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  1. wow Krinsten, this is a beauty!!!!!!!! My niece would go crazy if she saw this.


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