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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a bag full of potential

any chance i get to wander through the crafts stores, i grab! i got wander with my girlfriend when we were in the black hills. we went to michaels, and she shared her harrowing story of coming across the state the weekend before. i did actually have a purpose however, ....i was wanting sketch and wash pencils. my mom had let me borrow her pencil when we had gone to the drawing class a couple of weeks ago. i was hooked and was so wanting one for myself.

oh, and i was on the hunt for the new "smash" products. i had seen this new line in the target ad. i did find the products at michaels as well. i have been wanting that washi tape that keeps popping up everywhere, and this is pretty close i would imagine. i bought 2 rolls. :)

we also stopped at target while out on our adventure, and i scored these two so totally cute napkin packs. i used them in my journal (i will post new pages- very soon!), and am hoping to use each of these to make my own tape. i had posted previously how to make your own tape with a double stick tape from the hardware store.

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