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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

odds and ends

i used a little imagination to see a heart in this piece of rust that i found in the driveway.

i was pulling weeks and noticed the purple speckled leaves. the color is beautiful and i am fairly sure that this is a weed as well, but, because of the color, i am willing to wait just a bit.

i had this angel plant holder and in a storm a few years ago, it was thrown and broke. i kept a few pieces and i love her patina. she is my "ruin" in the front yard.

i apparently have a thing for copper boilers (these two are outside, and i have a few more in the basement....can't have too many) and as i was wandering around taking my pics, i noticed them sitting there patiently waiting for me to notice their patina. these two beauties sit on my front porch.

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