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Monday, August 27, 2012

and then there were 4

we took our oldest son to college this weekend out in rapid city, south dakota. saturday, we needed to blow off a little steam however, and it was cool deadwood nights in deadwood. this is the kids in front of the four aces casino. our youngest in red shorts, our oldest looking at me with shades and smiling, our middle in purple, and our oldest's girlfriend (who wanted to come along to say goodbye.)

here is the couple taking a break from the walking and looking at the cars. the dynamics of our family is going to drastically change, as he was an extra driver and he and his brother had finally started really getting along good and bonding (just in time for him to leave for college....). i did get a text last night, and things were good. he had found some supper and managed to find someone else who is techy to help him get his gaming system hooked up to the fastest connect (cuz that is really important :) unlike getting his printer set up.....he will get it figured out- he will have to. but, this momma is still mildly worried and missing the first out of the nest.

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