Kristin Peterson: mixed media, collage, painter, artist

Sunday, December 26, 2010

post holiday

day after finds me wanting to clean house...maybe to make room for what was received; maybe anticipating the new year coming this next week, and wanting a fresh start; either way, i'm thinking about sneaking down to my art shop until the feeling passes for now anyway...

i'm hoping that the newest christmas gifts have righted the electronic world back into my favor making it MUCH easier for me to use my laptop. i was tired of arm wrestling my kid for the use of the laptop, cuz let's face it- i'm no longer a spring chicken, and she is as big as i am now (actually a little taller now...) i can feel the missing piece of inspiration from the other bloggers creeping back in and making me feel at peace again...aaauuuhhhhhhh!

my pic is my newest addition to the tree which is a little giraffe made out of candy wrappers courtesy of my mom- thanks mom! he is soo cute!