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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

grad cards #tistheseason

as i am sure you are aware, graduations are in full swing. we have only had a small handful this year; but, i expect many next year as our youngest will graduate then. he and all his peeps....cannot believe our youngest is a senior. ok, ok- back to the task at hand....grad cards.

i did gesso each card with a thin layer covering the fronts in an irregular hap-hazard way. if you don't cover it all- it creates even more interest as the paint, or ink spray, or whatever you are using looks different on gesso versus no gesso.

i put down base colors of acrylic paint first and then, started adding some collage with the number tape. i used that on all of the cards. as well as pencil, stabilo pencil, and oil pastels.

i did also use a stamp on each and black ink spritz with water to diffuse and run. have you ever thought you were done with something and then added some black? if you have not added black, i will almost guarantee whatever it is is not done. 

the final piece was to add a few doodles.

so sorry i can only show 2 of the 3 cards- as i didn't get a better pic of the other one.

Friday, May 27, 2016

MIA #list

i can hardly explain how happy i am to have reached this particular friday. my big girl job has totally been obtrusive this month and interfering with any studio time; BUT, after yesterday, all conferences have been attended.

i was the registration help at the last two conferences, so all people checked in, name tags given, and agenda books handed out. three of four weeks in may i had 2 day conferences all with travel away from home.....sigh of relief this last conference i had found myself doodling when taking notes,  i mean, doodling in my hotel room....really.

and so, with the morning of memorial day weekend looming, i find myself thinking of what i am hoping to get back to.....

  • paint, draw, sew, cut, glue
  • paint on finger
  • peel glue from my fingertips
  • music in my ears, heart, soul
  • piling up little fabric scraps
  • doodles, marks, dots
  • drips and runs
  • scratch, scrape, peel
  • pencil, pen, pastel, crayon


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

wednesday's girl {pocket page insert}

mixed media; ATC, pocket page insert; bybun style

happy wednesday.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

credit card art {pocket page insert}

a used, no longer active credit card fits in the pocket page! so, i have been saving credits cards, gift card, apple name it for something.

and the something turned out so darn cute! one more pocket down..... love these cute girls.

happy saturday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

large ATC {pocket page con't} #bybunstyle

this is probably my favorite one thus far.....i used a vintage book cover that no longer had its' book and cut it down to the size i needed. it is actually longer than it should be but, i love how it turned out so i will figure out how to put into the pocket page.

love the colors and layers.

Monday, May 9, 2016

pocket page {card inserts}

i have a swap coming up at the end of this week- a pocket page. i have done those before and have posted about the items i included in my page; in fact, twice before: round one here and round two here. this page will be just a bit different as my partner and i are taking the bybun creatures class and agreed to use that as our overall theme, otherwise, sometimes the items are specified and are usually different for each pocket.

this is my first round of posts for this page. the "cards" are like ATCs. a standard ATC measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" but, mine a bit smaller measuring 2 1/2" x 3" so that if i wanted to sew the pocket edge, i have room.

this first round i stayed with the theme of creatures and used pictures cut out of a fashion magazine and incorporating the pics into my cards.

i loved the soft blue of the card below. that is actually oil pastel. i bought cheap ones and when i used the hairdryer (because i have no patience....) the pastel was soft and was able to be moved and smudged out a bit.

loved the bright colors on this one below and again, used my trick of the soft pastel and hairdryer to smudge out my pink.

happy monday.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


this was the face yesterday after arriving and getting things ready to teach a painting project last night at the country club to a group of ladies.....totally regretting saying yes. thank goodness i had asked my mom to teach along side me!

the group had requested a golf theme- which initially had me a bit befuddled....but, with a good concept and some practice and pre-planning- our plan worked like a charm. we would show the students how to paint their background and then, collage their golfer and bag.

the group ended up smaller then the initial numbers, but, that was just as well- we were all busy last night.

here they are working like busy beavers on their paintings and collage. 

painting, cutting, gluing.....

they all did a fabulous job!

once the piece was done- we had each student sign their painting and framed it so it was ready to hang and display when they left. the group was fabulous! they were energetic and enthusiastic and tackled the project with gusto!

when we were all done teaching- there was left over dessert....and my mom and i were happy to partake in this fabulous cake!

and we survived!!! and i can't even begin to thank my mom enough for her willingness to help me! this would not have been the success it was without her! thank you, thank you Mom!

Monday, May 2, 2016

art journal {cover} #colorlust #happy

i had already done some painting on the cover of this art journal, but, this past week i was looking at the cover and just grabbed some paint and went to town. blending, covering, and generally speaking, making happiness. and when i was happy with the colors....that is when i broke out the gold ink and sprinkled.

the words are from a stencil and had already been on the cover- i did like the words and left the majority of those to remind me of the messages, but, covered just a bit- letting the words peek through.

must add some pencil, spray ink, and more of my new oil pastel (still totally loving those!).

and don't forget just a bit of collage.....

happy monday.