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Friday, May 27, 2016

MIA #list

i can hardly explain how happy i am to have reached this particular friday. my big girl job has totally been obtrusive this month and interfering with any studio time; BUT, after yesterday, all conferences have been attended.

i was the registration help at the last two conferences, so all people checked in, name tags given, and agenda books handed out. three of four weeks in may i had 2 day conferences all with travel away from home.....sigh of relief this last conference i had found myself doodling when taking notes,  i mean, doodling in my hotel room....really.

and so, with the morning of memorial day weekend looming, i find myself thinking of what i am hoping to get back to.....

  • paint, draw, sew, cut, glue
  • paint on finger
  • peel glue from my fingertips
  • music in my ears, heart, soul
  • piling up little fabric scraps
  • doodles, marks, dots
  • drips and runs
  • scratch, scrape, peel
  • pencil, pen, pastel, crayon


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