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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

grad cards #tistheseason

as i am sure you are aware, graduations are in full swing. we have only had a small handful this year; but, i expect many next year as our youngest will graduate then. he and all his peeps....cannot believe our youngest is a senior. ok, ok- back to the task at hand....grad cards.

i did gesso each card with a thin layer covering the fronts in an irregular hap-hazard way. if you don't cover it all- it creates even more interest as the paint, or ink spray, or whatever you are using looks different on gesso versus no gesso.

i put down base colors of acrylic paint first and then, started adding some collage with the number tape. i used that on all of the cards. as well as pencil, stabilo pencil, and oil pastels.

i did also use a stamp on each and black ink spritz with water to diffuse and run. have you ever thought you were done with something and then added some black? if you have not added black, i will almost guarantee whatever it is is not done. 

the final piece was to add a few doodles.

so sorry i can only show 2 of the 3 cards- as i didn't get a better pic of the other one.

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