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Friday, March 30, 2012

charmed .... to have you visit!

i was inspired to dig out my "junk" box and make a new necklace. i  am loving my chandelier charm! my mom found a box of goodies that she put together and recently found. it had pearls in there, and i am thinking that is just what my necklace is in need of. i am hoping to finish this necklace this weekend.  happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

art teacher

i have a "student" that is now in college who will be going to ecaquador this summer on a mission trip. this student used to come to my studio every august to make his fair art project. i would scout my art mags looking for something cool for him to make. i could explain the project, give him some ideas and he would work his creative magic. one of the projects i had found for him was a upcycled project, and he did a fabulous job on. when the judges asked him how he came up with the project, he told them, "his art teacher" had come up with it. such a compliment!!

his girlfriend is making a scrapbook to give to him before he leaves this late spring. she asked family and friends to write a story or memory to put into the book. i knew instantly what i was going to write about, because since he went to college- my august fair time has not been the same. and how can his art teacher simply write my story on a sheet of paper? i had a great time whipping this up. i used my gelatos, ink, stamping, painting, scraps of paper, and sewing.

Monday, March 26, 2012

last page

A homemade journal finds a last page complete. it may not be my favorite page but, it sure was fun to make! i am working on making another journal- i will have to keep you posted on that subject.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

charity dinner artist

i was asked to be the artist for our local hospice charity dinner. the list of previous artists is quite remarkable....i am so very honored to be considered for this and feel truly blessed to join this list of remarkable artists.

each of these pieces is similar and was painted basically all together, but, is individual.

there will be 3 people chosen and honored at our local charity dinner and each person will be given a piece of my art. my overall theme and concept was "in a moment."

lives are changed in a moment, and these individuals that have been chosen have been picked on many things, but, essentially how they have served the hospice program this past year. someone offered strength when there was weakness, courage when there was fear, and faith when there was doubt.

Monday, March 19, 2012

birthday love

 my birthday is this week....lucky me. my parents and my aunt and uncle bought me the perfect birthday presents....they know me so well; and actually, i am not all that complicated-pretty easy to get figured out.  so, my parents got me gelatos!!!! and my aunt found the necklace. i wore my new necklace today and cannot wait to see what i whip up with my new gelatos! and i thought gelato was only italian ice cream- go figure.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy st patrick's day

celebrating all things happens to be one of my favorite colors....all items found around my house. happy st paddy's day!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 monday i had to head to education 3 hours away from home and it was  basically  too far to be able to travel back and forth due to the start of the class  the next morning. so after sitting all day in class, i ventured to the mall to "walk." walking leads me generally speaking to any fabric/ craft store, book stores, and almost any shoe dept.

under the premise and excuse of walking, i managed to find the newest mags- somerset studios- some of my favorites (to read that evening of  course in my hotel room); and who can pass up $1 deals on stamps and paper tags? well, not this girl! i   also managed to find really cute polka dots sheets in a very nice spring teal (i know my pic is maybe looking a little green...) and last but certainly not wedge sandals!! omg. i  had actually seen the orange wedge sandals earlier over the weekend, but, was  unable to find my size. even with my thorough scrunity of the shoe area.  but, with the excuse of  needing to  stretch my legs for a walk- found them!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


 i made my journal page last night with my new german papers my mom brought home for me (the black heart and the cream polka dot heart); i finally purchased some glimmer mist- i got the purple so that is the background color; i also used this gold glimmer spray i had picked up on clearance- that is what the brown box packaging is from. i loved the words: "designed for mixed-media exploration" and the little tab on the other page says, "art doesn't tranform, it just plain forms" by Roy Lichtenstein. i had gotten a new blue paint that i painted onto tape on another piece, that i then took off, and decided needed to go onto my journal page. thanks so much for looking!

Friday, March 9, 2012

smile and giggles

 i recently brought this painting home (and then managed to break the glass) but, every time i walk past i can't help but smile.

when i painted this, it was such an awesome overall experience and my mom and i had gotten the giggles because when i was almost finished we believed this girl to have "street cred" and felt that she needed an appropriate name. thus  becoming "phatty" the watercolor girl with street cred- just ask her!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


my  daughter told her one of her classes the other day that her mother collects everything. now that is hardly fair....i do have a few things that are vintage and cool, but, hardly do i collect everything. here is my pie tin collection that is displayed in my very vintage kitchen. do you have a collection of something? let me know what you collect.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


i painted this a short time ago, but, it remains one of my favorites. i had put it in a local art show last year and won an award. it has come home for a is hoping for a new home with someone that will love it like i do.

Friday, March 2, 2012

friday fill ins

friday fill-ins....and here we go!

  1. when i heard track sign up is next week, i know spring is close!
  2. going to the "home show" today, will make me want my kitchen done.
  3. get colored inks!
  4. high school is where i met my husband.
  5. hands off anything with lemon in it.
  6. it is not in my nature to put anybody down.
  7. and as for this weekend, tonight i am looking forward to spending time with my husband, tomorrow my plans include some studio time, and on sunday i want to bake some sugar cookie bars!
this is again inspired by "every life has a story"- i am finding inspiration there...