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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

art teacher

i have a "student" that is now in college who will be going to ecaquador this summer on a mission trip. this student used to come to my studio every august to make his fair art project. i would scout my art mags looking for something cool for him to make. i could explain the project, give him some ideas and he would work his creative magic. one of the projects i had found for him was a upcycled project, and he did a fabulous job on. when the judges asked him how he came up with the project, he told them, "his art teacher" had come up with it. such a compliment!!

his girlfriend is making a scrapbook to give to him before he leaves this late spring. she asked family and friends to write a story or memory to put into the book. i knew instantly what i was going to write about, because since he went to college- my august fair time has not been the same. and how can his art teacher simply write my story on a sheet of paper? i had a great time whipping this up. i used my gelatos, ink, stamping, painting, scraps of paper, and sewing.

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