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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 monday i had to head to education 3 hours away from home and it was  basically  too far to be able to travel back and forth due to the start of the class  the next morning. so after sitting all day in class, i ventured to the mall to "walk." walking leads me generally speaking to any fabric/ craft store, book stores, and almost any shoe dept.

under the premise and excuse of walking, i managed to find the newest mags- somerset studios- some of my favorites (to read that evening of  course in my hotel room); and who can pass up $1 deals on stamps and paper tags? well, not this girl! i   also managed to find really cute polka dots sheets in a very nice spring teal (i know my pic is maybe looking a little green...) and last but certainly not wedge sandals!! omg. i  had actually seen the orange wedge sandals earlier over the weekend, but, was  unable to find my size. even with my thorough scrunity of the shoe area.  but, with the excuse of  needing to  stretch my legs for a walk- found them!

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