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Saturday, July 30, 2016

doodled {portrait}

from this past week....

xo. happy saturday.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

tag makin' {new stencils}

i had started making tags out of recycled manilla folders and of course my first folder turned out awesome and i loved it; but, this second one.....well, let's just say-i wasn't feeling the love for this poor thing.......

that is new stencils from Rae Missigman had come this week! i knew when i had first seen the new stencils that i really, really liked them and would have to order at least one....

the folder had turned into a bit of a hot mess, but, the light paint through the new stencil helped pull it back and provide some desperately needed lights and some shaped distraction.

below are the stencils that i ordered from Rae. click on the new stencil high-lighted above to find all of the new stencils and sizes that are available.

happy thursday.

xo- kristin

Monday, July 25, 2016

river vacation

the end of this last week we had gone to the river for some family vacation time. i had found the home using an app- so i was a bit tentative, but, had read the reviews and asked questions before committing.

the house and location could not have been more perfect. we were in town, but, very secluded and right on the banks of the river with a fantastic view. sharing a few of my favorite pics this morning.....

found these old school ponies on a morning walk. i can't even begin to tell you how many hours i spent riding these when i as little. when i would be with friends, i remember hoping i was running fast enough to get my favorite color for that day. and then, making sure to switch it up, and ride another one.

this was our last night sunset. it was the perfect summer night to a most wonderful family vacation. we met out in the middle of SD where my husband's parents and brothers and their children could all meet and hang out; and come and go as everyone's schedules would allow. the days were hotter than hot and perfect beach days with a donut and Popsicle blow up floaties and plenty of sunscreen. evenings were still pretty warm, but, perfect for grilling, a campfire, beer, s'mores and good stories and more family chit chat.

the last early morning as i was helping getting a vehicle packed, and as i was walking back to the house for the next load of bags, i found this heart shaped rock hiding in the dirt sending up a final reminder of love and blessings.

so very thankful for the location and time that schedules allowed.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

re-sew {doll}

i had made my own adorable little doll after seeing my friend's post in Sew Somerset. i had originally made her following the instructions in the magazine, but her face was very small and seemed out of place even though this is not a large doll. she stands about 6.5 inches. i finally figured out how to make her face larger and sewed it on. i really like my hand sewing on the outside of the face for her- adds to her sweetness and vulnerability. 

and the black and white polka dot fabric {swooooon} is one of my all time favorites....

Deb's original dolls were so darn cute!! i have bought several of Deb's dolls and just love them all!

below are Deb's She Dolls

happy wednesday.

xo- kristin

Monday, July 18, 2016

writings trois {wooden cradles in purple}

painting on wooden cradles done with acrylic paint, oil pastels, pencil, and hi flow acrylics. oh, and charcoal.....that created my darks along the tops and into the corners.

the wooden cradles are an 8"x 8" square. 

happy monday. 

xo- kristin

Friday, July 15, 2016

writing too {wooden cradle}

had been on a roll the other night working in the studio.....did the art journal and some wooden cradles. this is a set of two.

layers of paint, oil pastel, pencil, and hi-flow acrylics....

above is a view of the entire panel #2

this is an entire view of panel #1

below is a short video i posted to instagram. are you on instagram? follow me- alteredstatesstudio

happy friday


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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

writings {art journal pages}

this two page spread started literally with some excess spray ink dabbed off onto this paper and me setting the collage paper with purple on top of it. when i went to the studio and looked at the potential....the fingers starting grabbing and working the paint and the page came to life.

i added the numbered tape and other collage paper; but, the some of the collage got buried in the layers of work.

the collage paper with the 2 ways....was perfect though. i had pulled that from a fashion magazine and worked it in. perfect in the fact that i liked the words peeking through, and serves as a reminder that there is always another way to do almost anything. my way is only my way.....and there is, and always will be, another way.

yesterday was a bit of a trying day so it felt so good to turn the music up and let the creative space work some magic.

i had said that i was working this as a two page spread so i pulled that purple spray ink across onto the other page. no collage paper this time- dabbed my stencil directly onto my paper.

love the colors and the scribbles on these pages. it felt so good to get the days events off my chest and onto paper. the main story was written in pencil and buried in the work; but, the other scribbles were oil pastels and watercolor crayon.

Monday, July 11, 2016


monday's list
  • check email (will check again tonight)- hoping to hear a reply for big publishing news; had submitted my written article
  • should have ran this morning....but, didn't; must go to circuit class this afternoon
  • made coffee; love morning coffee before anyone else is up
  • blog; personal? artistic? feeling a bit of a funk on this; slighly lost...need to refocus
  • worry about youngest son at camp this week; did he pack enough? is he being a good kid? is he learning/ participating?
  • gonna be hot and muggy today.....what to wear today? seriously- what to wear today?!
  • cleaned part of the basement yesterday; finish laundry room
    • antiques/ vintage items- given to friend for store
    • deliver used clothing to store
    • take huge pile to the dump
  • work; will have to go to big girl job...damn money thing
  • take movie back; watched Trumbo....bit of a slow start but, good movie- long show though- just saying
  • listen to lesson from Mindy Lacefield; i am taking her paint like a child class
  • paint in journal; do some writing....lift this funk
  • finish sewing custom bag; one more to go

Thursday, July 7, 2016

sew what

this last weekend i did a little sewing.....ok, maybe alot of sewing; but sew what you say?! i had orders for paintbrush/ pencil bags. this is a pic of my newest fabrics....super excited cuz i am loving the colors and those polka dots! who doesn't love polka dots?.....

i try to mix regular fabrics with hand-dyed fabrics and my personal twist with a ruffle and maybe some rick-rack. do you remembers rick-rack? that stuff. i remember being like 6 and having a handmade halter top (thanks Mom!) with rick-rack edging and rick-rack ties. i thought that summer top was the best.

each bag has a grab handle and those bright, happy colors that make me smile. i even made a custom bag out of an old t-shirt that some students had made for my mom. her bag is a bit more of a carry-all as i wanted to save the beet with the cute little mouse. i lined this bag with plastic to hold up better and protect the t-shirt in case something should spill.

interested in paintbrush/ pencil bag? they are $30/ each with free shipping if you are located in the US. leave me a message. 

xo- kristin

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

stencil love {postcards}

last week i participated in a postcard swap. the focus was on stencils and all work needed to be done using stencils......

so i layered up lots of stencil love to make each of these postcards.

i also decided that these postcards needed some gold ink and a little hard to always stick to the exact instructions sometimes.....

Friday, July 1, 2016

last week's looks {portrait trois}


i was really happy that i was able to save my whites, and was able to find that soft neutral color for the shoulders and down into the chest. 

xo- kristin