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Monday, July 11, 2016


monday's list
  • check email (will check again tonight)- hoping to hear a reply for big publishing news; had submitted my written article
  • should have ran this morning....but, didn't; must go to circuit class this afternoon
  • made coffee; love morning coffee before anyone else is up
  • blog; personal? artistic? feeling a bit of a funk on this; slighly lost...need to refocus
  • worry about youngest son at camp this week; did he pack enough? is he being a good kid? is he learning/ participating?
  • gonna be hot and muggy today.....what to wear today? seriously- what to wear today?!
  • cleaned part of the basement yesterday; finish laundry room
    • antiques/ vintage items- given to friend for store
    • deliver used clothing to store
    • take huge pile to the dump
  • work; will have to go to big girl job...damn money thing
  • take movie back; watched Trumbo....bit of a slow start but, good movie- long show though- just saying
  • listen to lesson from Mindy Lacefield; i am taking her paint like a child class
  • paint in journal; do some writing....lift this funk
  • finish sewing custom bag; one more to go

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