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Monday, July 25, 2016

river vacation

the end of this last week we had gone to the river for some family vacation time. i had found the home using an app- so i was a bit tentative, but, had read the reviews and asked questions before committing.

the house and location could not have been more perfect. we were in town, but, very secluded and right on the banks of the river with a fantastic view. sharing a few of my favorite pics this morning.....

found these old school ponies on a morning walk. i can't even begin to tell you how many hours i spent riding these when i as little. when i would be with friends, i remember hoping i was running fast enough to get my favorite color for that day. and then, making sure to switch it up, and ride another one.

this was our last night sunset. it was the perfect summer night to a most wonderful family vacation. we met out in the middle of SD where my husband's parents and brothers and their children could all meet and hang out; and come and go as everyone's schedules would allow. the days were hotter than hot and perfect beach days with a donut and Popsicle blow up floaties and plenty of sunscreen. evenings were still pretty warm, but, perfect for grilling, a campfire, beer, s'mores and good stories and more family chit chat.

the last early morning as i was helping getting a vehicle packed, and as i was walking back to the house for the next load of bags, i found this heart shaped rock hiding in the dirt sending up a final reminder of love and blessings.

so very thankful for the location and time that schedules allowed.


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