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Thursday, July 28, 2016

tag makin' {new stencils}

i had started making tags out of recycled manilla folders and of course my first folder turned out awesome and i loved it; but, this second one.....well, let's just say-i wasn't feeling the love for this poor thing.......

that is new stencils from Rae Missigman had come this week! i knew when i had first seen the new stencils that i really, really liked them and would have to order at least one....

the folder had turned into a bit of a hot mess, but, the light paint through the new stencil helped pull it back and provide some desperately needed lights and some shaped distraction.

below are the stencils that i ordered from Rae. click on the new stencil high-lighted above to find all of the new stencils and sizes that are available.

happy thursday.

xo- kristin


  1. Nice work! LOVE the new stencils

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you!! Yes- I am loving my new stencils!


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