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Friday, May 28, 2010

the year

i watched the baby robin outside my kitchen window step of the ledge this morning and fly away...

a year ago i started this blog... not exactly sure how or where it was going to take me, and yet, i somehow managed to fly as well. this is what i have learned:
the blog world is huge, and covers all spectrums of life
i have met some very amazing people in this world; and have had some very nice comments left, especially regarding my art (thank you for ALL comments!)
my purpose of this blog has continued to evolve- as i hope it will continue
i have been a part of things i would never have had the opportunity to be a part of otherwise
my first year was good...educational, inspirational, questioning- how can i be more creative, more in tune with life, more in tune with me

thank you to all who have stopped by to visit, and certainly all who were inspired enough by a post to comment- that is good stuff!

Friday, May 21, 2010

green with envy....for color week! them!!

if any of you looking are not familiar with curiousgirl lisa- you need to visit her! She is the organizer of color week and also inspirational, honest and thought provoking...wonderful. thanks!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

for the love of purple....

this week's color week has been brought to you by curiousgirl lisa; and the letters c and w; and by the number 6....(ps- big bird says hi!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fill the day with sunshine.....20 years today

today is our anniversary! 20 years and unlike 20 years ago, today is supposed to be sunny and warm; the day we got married, it was drizzily and very cool....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

happy color week!

today is red...this is the red in my world. tell me which pic is your favorite!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

roller coaster day

well the day was supposed to be a good one. the day that my husband was born many years ago at this point. we had to pick on him a little bit...feels good to have evened the years ticket...he likes to pick on me for the 6 weeks in between our birthdays saying how old i am until his fateful day comes. but, i have for many, many years been his "old lady" (since our high school days...)

he doesn't care for cake, so, i baked his pie! and what a beautiful pie it is! i like to think that i got this apple pie gene from my gramma peggy- god rest your soul.

so, the pie was out of the oven filling the whole house with its most delicious smells when the phone art gallery calling. and, i managed to sell another painting and the buyer would like another, even better! i was feeling on top of my little painting world! i had even been painting off and on between loads of laundry.

but, at 4:30 today, my one and only "aunt" elizabeth passed away. she was 96 and had only been closer location wise to us for the last 6 weeks. she had been moved due to health reasons and just getting older. i think the weeks have not been overly easy for my family but, we are thankful for the time that she was closer. she was able to come to our house for easter dinner and see the kids and we just went to her place on mother's day to celebrate the day and to share our daughter birthday cake. she had fallen and had a small fracture in her hip, she was still up and about and was genuinely happy to see us- i am so glad we were able to get there. she had been admitted to the hospital wednesday night because she had not been feeling well. we went on friday to see her, and she didn't know we were there- she had just gotten a pain shot- so, i was a little disappointed, but, i also just wanted to know that she was comfortable. there was only one elizabeth- the good lord threw out the mold after she was born!! you will definitely be greatly missed elizabeth!! we loved you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mom's day

happy mom's day....

a mother's work is never finished; so take advantage of the the in between moments to cherish your children (and man that helped bring those kids into this world)

a mother's love is unconditional; sometimes that loves comes easy, and sometimes that love may mean tough love; there will be times when that loves brings more joy than you can image, but, beware, this love can also bring tears of worry and sadness- but, this is the life a mom- good, bad or otherwise...mainly good.

find and keep your balance; if mom is off, the rest of the family may suffer; and trust me- they need us! so, for all of this and more...happy mom's day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

life con't

besides the fact that the sun has finally broken, i find that i want it to disappear. with the mail today came news that we have kinda been expecting, yet, not really wanting to hear about. i find myself horribly torn between what i am hoping is the truth, and the things i have heard. the news brings it to a whole 'nother reality when faced with actual papers in black and white. i hate when things are out of my control; our control.

right now, i want the sun to disappear and i want to go back to bed and not get out until i want to....

i find it interesting in the fact that "bullying" goes on everyday everywhere in some form- verbally, physically, and yet it has somehow found our doorstep. i find it interesting when we were faced with it, the "people" did not want to hear from us (basically because we were not from here, and obviously do not have the right last name nor related to the right people), but, that interesting that one act of accidental can totally change the direction of life, and yet as i listen to the news, i find that this fact will never change.

i used to think it was simply a kid thing, but, i find it obviously can occur at any age. life can completely change and the direction, hopes, aspirations can radically change.

so life is interesting, apparently good, bad or completely otherwise; but, right now, i just want the tears to come and wash away the dirt. i just want to get to the other side and maybe, but, not necessarily see the rainbow.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


life has been busy....we are into track season- not spring just for the record. but, seriously, i have been so enjoying the track meets! we have had some of the best weather for them- i have been so thankful! and to see tk run- wow! brings back memories!! she is doing an awesome job; only 7th grade and participating in many of the varsity meets...

tomorrow is her birthday! and she is sooo excited! finally an actual teenager- omg!! i have a small surprise for the morning to open immediately upon awaking cause you know it's her birthday; i have pizza ordered for her english class because clearly her english teacher must think she is ok- she sent home a list of what pizza the kids in class liked?!; i made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for her homeroom class because her class is small, and her homeroom teacher was her basketball coach- and he thinks it's ok especially if cake is involved; and the last thing, is surprise birthday balloons weighted with two bags of snickers snack size! now reading all of this listed, i'm not sure i will want her home after all that sugar!! anyway, it is a very good day tomorrow!! one that hopefully she will enjoy!