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Thursday, May 6, 2010


life has been busy....we are into track season- not spring just for the record. but, seriously, i have been so enjoying the track meets! we have had some of the best weather for them- i have been so thankful! and to see tk run- wow! brings back memories!! she is doing an awesome job; only 7th grade and participating in many of the varsity meets...

tomorrow is her birthday! and she is sooo excited! finally an actual teenager- omg!! i have a small surprise for the morning to open immediately upon awaking cause you know it's her birthday; i have pizza ordered for her english class because clearly her english teacher must think she is ok- she sent home a list of what pizza the kids in class liked?!; i made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for her homeroom class because her class is small, and her homeroom teacher was her basketball coach- and he thinks it's ok especially if cake is involved; and the last thing, is surprise birthday balloons weighted with two bags of snickers snack size! now reading all of this listed, i'm not sure i will want her home after all that sugar!! anyway, it is a very good day tomorrow!! one that hopefully she will enjoy!

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