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Saturday, May 15, 2010

roller coaster day

well the day was supposed to be a good one. the day that my husband was born many years ago at this point. we had to pick on him a little bit...feels good to have evened the years ticket...he likes to pick on me for the 6 weeks in between our birthdays saying how old i am until his fateful day comes. but, i have for many, many years been his "old lady" (since our high school days...)

he doesn't care for cake, so, i baked his pie! and what a beautiful pie it is! i like to think that i got this apple pie gene from my gramma peggy- god rest your soul.

so, the pie was out of the oven filling the whole house with its most delicious smells when the phone art gallery calling. and, i managed to sell another painting and the buyer would like another, even better! i was feeling on top of my little painting world! i had even been painting off and on between loads of laundry.

but, at 4:30 today, my one and only "aunt" elizabeth passed away. she was 96 and had only been closer location wise to us for the last 6 weeks. she had been moved due to health reasons and just getting older. i think the weeks have not been overly easy for my family but, we are thankful for the time that she was closer. she was able to come to our house for easter dinner and see the kids and we just went to her place on mother's day to celebrate the day and to share our daughter birthday cake. she had fallen and had a small fracture in her hip, she was still up and about and was genuinely happy to see us- i am so glad we were able to get there. she had been admitted to the hospital wednesday night because she had not been feeling well. we went on friday to see her, and she didn't know we were there- she had just gotten a pain shot- so, i was a little disappointed, but, i also just wanted to know that she was comfortable. there was only one elizabeth- the good lord threw out the mold after she was born!! you will definitely be greatly missed elizabeth!! we loved you!

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