Kristin Peterson: mixed media, collage, painter, artist

Sunday, January 31, 2010

relaxing work

worked unfortunately every day this week, but, yesterday was bliss.

filled with music, coffee, paper, canvas, and the most deliciously colored paint. very successful day for me personally.

i had spied an ad for our local roller derby asking for submissions for artwork for their tshirts...i immediately whipped out two designs i really liked and got those drawn and painted up to send. took the photos this morning and sent it off...we will see...

i reworked a painting that was not taken by my gallery, and absolutely love it! it is amazing to me, how, a rework can do that...a lot of gesso, a great idea, and another layer of paint....poof- love!

and, i managed to do another sunset landscape i like...purple ground, with hints of greens and tourquois bleu peaking through, with an ominous sky setting for the day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

in the midst.....

in the midst of running on fumes, exhaustion setting in, after dealing with a good old fashion blizzard in mn,...i am calling home to finally tell my sweetheart that i am coming home, and when i look up at the is full of snow. and yet there is a heart shape in the snow covering the window. reminding me that my day of telling my coo, that i am stepping down from one portion of my job to find more me time to spend painting....did not happen today- but, will happen tomorrow. for sure. all signs are pointing to doing the thing i love....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

do what you love...

i heard that theme twice today from two very different sources and environments...i don't believe it is whispers anymore. i believe the sledgehammer is out and making sure i am paying attention apparently.

the second source was our neighbor. an older, wiser sage of a little man who has seen and done a little bit of everything. with the lovely icey, sleety weather we had today, he called asking for two loaves of bread on my way home from work....when i brought the bread over, he likes to visit. and for the second time today, i heard the words, do what you love. do not let anything stand in your way; life is short.

i can't help but wonder if i am suppose to be moving towards yet something else creatively. i am patiently waiting for the next door to open, but, beginning to feel like something is yelling at me, and i don't want to miss my sliver of an open door...

happiness is....

husband's used dress shirt for cover
new paint brush...$15
new acrylic paints...$40

getting a check in the mail from the art gallery who sold one of my big landscape paintings...priceless!

checks three months in a row- i was so excited! it sounds good, but, the reality of it was the first two checks were small; so, that is what i was expecting again...except, when i opened it- i had to look twice because the number was much bigger! i danced like nobody was watching...except the whole family was. my kids told me to NEVER dance like that in public :)

Monday, January 18, 2010


first day back from vacation...dread. however, on my walk into work from the parking lot....a faint hint of chapstick...cherry, from my sweetheart husband, and all of the dread of the first day back was gone...poof.

i can hardly think of anything better than the lingers of kisses

Saturday, January 9, 2010

new year....newest painting

not wasting my extra time this year...i started this the end of last year, and it finished different than my first was suppose to be circles, olive green light and violet rouge...that is not the finished product (it is another heart- very distressed and colorful); however, i like this one more and more each day.

it is quietly "cooking" in my dining room where i can look at it each day. and each day i am quite sure now that the painting is finished. so soon it will get the are a few glimpses...