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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

do what you love...

i heard that theme twice today from two very different sources and environments...i don't believe it is whispers anymore. i believe the sledgehammer is out and making sure i am paying attention apparently.

the second source was our neighbor. an older, wiser sage of a little man who has seen and done a little bit of everything. with the lovely icey, sleety weather we had today, he called asking for two loaves of bread on my way home from work....when i brought the bread over, he likes to visit. and for the second time today, i heard the words, do what you love. do not let anything stand in your way; life is short.

i can't help but wonder if i am suppose to be moving towards yet something else creatively. i am patiently waiting for the next door to open, but, beginning to feel like something is yelling at me, and i don't want to miss my sliver of an open door...

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