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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

primal painting

i have had 2 large rectangular canvas standing in my studio. they had been gesso'd and even had some paint already on them. patiently waiting for more....and then this spoke to me.

the book was full of eye candy from her own art journals and inspirational quotes that moved me to the studio and grabbing paint and anything else within my reach.

brushfuls, drips, and swipes of color.

these canvas had been in infant stages but, have progressed to this more mature expression.

hope you have enjoyed these glimpses into my primal painting that struck on sunday while in my studio.

happy wednesday.

Monday, December 28, 2015

#DLP {storytelling}

the end of 2015 is quickly coming to a finish and Documented Life is ending their year with the prompt of storytelling this week.

before i had gone to the studio yesterday i had read partway through Orly Avineri's book "In my Bones." this book gives an intimate look into one of her art journals with some dialogue and thought provoking words. one paragraph talked about "primal" painting and not really having a plan before hand, which totally spoke to me yesterday.

as i was creating this journal page, i was not over thinking anything and actually grabbing and using some colors that i may not have always reached for when working and putting colors together.

but, i did take the time to make sure to add my storytelling throughout my page. i had gesso'd and put down some collage papers down first along with some initial color before writing; but, was sure to put my story down onto paper.

along with some pencil doodles. 

i love the texture that my collage papers added to this page.

happy monday. what is your story?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas cards & tags

stealing moments when i can during all of this holiday busyness to make some cards for family and friends.

gesso'd the card before starting and then started adding layers. drops of hi-flow grey acrylic before adding the red.

pencil, green- gold, gold ink, watercolor crayon, and white through my Christmas stencil.

need to put the finishing touches on my tags below; but, i do have a nice little pile to attach to all of my gifts.

i actually used a well-used manilla folder to make my tags- works like a charm.......

going to punch holes, trim corners and add sari ribbons and the holiday wishes on the back.

thankful for many things this holiday, friends, my regular blog visitors, and new visitors just finding, happiness, and list a few.

busy next few days with wrapping, baking, cooking, and stuffing those wishing everyone a very merry Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2015

#DLP.... {cake by the ocean} i don't know about you- but, i am very thankful it is friday. i did steal a few minutes last night to work in my art journal on latest DLP challenge. their featured artist this week is Mary Freeman- who i love! you must go and take a peek at her pages, so click on her name.

the challenge this week is using quotes and lyrics as storytelling.....which i also love. it is a favorite trick on mine for words. sometimes the words just flow out- usually if i am stressed out about something; but, other times, words dribble and i eek out a few. that is when i usually end up writing the words of whatever song is currently blasting from my ipod.

wanna listen to my current song obsession?..... below is the song and video- totally gonna make you smile.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


i am hoping it is the time of year and the craziness of the season- as i am finding it hard to keep focused.

i am seeing little glimpses of creativeness- but, again, not really able to pull those ideas together to get something accomplished.

hoping this unfocused view will clear soon.....

Friday, December 11, 2015

art journal page {documented life project}

i took fifteen minutes last night for myself to play along with this week's challenge for DLP. this month's challenge is "storytelling with the written word." if you play along you know who Rae Missigman is- i love her use of 15 minutes to do pages and even though my list of things to do last night was long and, life has been so busy recently and a bit on the stressy-side,- i decided i could spare fifteen minutes to take care of my creative soul.

happy friday.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

fabric composition {a study}

joy can be found in the tiniest of scraps and a sewing machine 

Monday, December 7, 2015

card {thank you}

received a few bags full of upholstery samples from a friend and needed to make a thank you card for her. i opened the first bag and right on top was a lovely tan fabric which was perfect.

gesso'd my card and used a hi-flow acrylic to create my background and then, stitched on a cut of the upholstery fabric and some scraps to create this.....

hope that she enjoys this card as much as i enjoyed making it.....a huge thank you!! happy monday!

Friday, December 4, 2015

minglewood merryplace {a holiday shopping experience}

have you started your christmas shopping yet? have someone special or need a unique gift?...... i have a great option for you! shopping starts tonight at 5pm.

minglewood merryplace will have a houseful of artisan hand-crafted items on display and for sale.

tim jorgenson of splitrock furniture

travis hinton's pottery

and who doesn't just love rebekah scott?

jamie willard

 BOGI foundation mittens

and of course,....myself and these lovies.

and this is only some of the artists and wares that will be at minglewood merryplace!

so come out for a great night of shopping! 
minglewood merryplace is open on saturday from 10am-3p.