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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas cards & tags

stealing moments when i can during all of this holiday busyness to make some cards for family and friends.

gesso'd the card before starting and then started adding layers. drops of hi-flow grey acrylic before adding the red.

pencil, green- gold, gold ink, watercolor crayon, and white through my Christmas stencil.

need to put the finishing touches on my tags below; but, i do have a nice little pile to attach to all of my gifts.

i actually used a well-used manilla folder to make my tags- works like a charm.......

going to punch holes, trim corners and add sari ribbons and the holiday wishes on the back.

thankful for many things this holiday, friends, my regular blog visitors, and new visitors just finding, happiness, and list a few.

busy next few days with wrapping, baking, cooking, and stuffing those wishing everyone a very merry Christmas.


  1. So lovely!
    Terrific seeing your process, Kristin!
    Happy Holidays! xo

  2. love! thanks for the inspiration all year :)


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