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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


sleepless excitement,
creative packing,
10 days on vacation with my husband,
anxiety about leaving the kids (and dogs)with gramma,
sorry and thank you gramma!!
camera, batteries, memory sticks,
notebook, sketch book, reading book,
favorite scarves, tees,

pictures, stories, details
upon return.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy saturday

today is the day of our art show! so....i am very happy. everything is packaged and downtown; my mom and i figured out pricing and cool "mixed media" business cards; extra cash and change; and i think we are ready for a good day....i will have to post pictures later.

happy saturday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

happy friday

happiness can be so seems to me that some people have to work harder to find happiness and i think people tend to be either optimistic or pestimistic and that depending where you fall, happiness may not necessarily come very easy at all. happiness can be found in family or close friends, music, art, or in general; using my vintage silverware makes me happy for instance. i tend to be optimistic, but some days are stacked against you. in general, thursdays make me happy; almost the end of the week, my favorite show is on (new season has not started yet however....)but, yesterday i was struggling with happiness in the midst of this happiness week. but, today is a new day- and i will be preparing for my art show tomorrow- which definitely brings me happiness; packaging my work, pricing, and getting it all together to be seen. i think that is probably the biggest thing- the thing that makes me really happy is just having my work seen- i love it when it finds a new home with someone who likes it as much as i do, but, just having it seen, and having people see me as an artist.

the other thing that makes me happy is the fact that i managed to figure out how to make a mosaic. i have so admired those that have the ability to do this. in this happiness week, dance of a painted lady has had amazing mosaics- amazing.

happy friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

happy thursday

hair....there is nothing like a good hair day to put a smile on my face! i like hair that is a little different- back combed, messy, but, not too messy (nothing like a messy bun!!), maybe a small clip or a few bobbi pins for the long bangs....a good hair day is the best- happy, happy.

i watched a show last night with my daughter and the young models in her show had huge back combed hair, straight swoopy bangs with a band- 50ish, but, new- their hair was so cool! i truly hope that style is (to a certain extent) coming back- their hair was amazing and if i could get my hair to look close to that....well, it would be a good day for sure!! happiness....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happy wednesday

bomp, chicka, bom, bom....dropping my beat-i'm kidding, but, seriously- music makes me very happy. there is nothing better than a good song- and i really don't care what type it is. i just know that for what ever reason- that song moves me and makes me feel better. songs have the ability to bring me right back to their time and place- with some songs, i am taken back and i can be cruising with my boyfriend in a totally hot car, or hanging out with girlfriends, dancing like mad fools because nobody was watching- but, i know at least how it makes me feel. when i am having a bad moment, or day- and i hear a favorite song, i can't help at least smiling; and the older the favorite song- the better- those are my "classics" and it doesn't get better than that!

click on the link....this would be my all time favorite- my techy son downloaded it onto my phone for me- "cuz itz all bout the ringtone"; and you can ask any of the three what their mom's favorite song is- and they will tell you, probably with a roll of the eyes....but, i don't care; when i hear this song- i am smiling from ear to ear and happy!

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy tuesday

there is something about getting stuff in the mail, isn't there? the best is the anticipation of completing the order and then, each day, checking, hoping that today is the day that you stuff came! i am telling you, stuff in the mail and art supplies, it makes me sooooo happy! when my boxes came, our youngest son saw the warning and thought that it was so funny, he actually took a picture- that is good stuff! what is better than a heaping bowl of happiness with giggles sprinkled on top?

thanks again lisa for this happiness filled week- check out her blog to see others filled with happiness.

Monday, August 17, 2009

happy monday

i was so excited to start this week- so much pictures are just lining up! i am starting with paintings that represent my family. the first is my husband and i - it will be 20 years for us this next year; and the second represents our three children and the love (bear with me here- it is sounding slightly more sappy seeing it in black and white than it did in my head...) anyway- our home and my family makes me happy- and the fact that the painting is my first "peeps" and something i consider successful (because you can tell that it is people) even better!!

if you would like to participate in happiness week, or just want to see what makes other happy...- check out curiousgirl-lisa

Friday, August 14, 2009

spreading the news

one of the other blogs I follow is having a drawing of sorts for her new book! she is a very talented being and always posts the best techniques! if you are into stamping, scrapbooking, or just generally like the creatively play....just out her blog- this will take you right to her book information. spend a moment checking out ink stains-you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the dogs

here are a couple of pictures of our dogs...i have to say, it has been rather interesting at bedtime here....our long standing sheltie- dana, has her own doggie bed beside our bed and the newest addition, sproket, has been sleeping on a blanket across the room. well....dana decided not to immediately lay in her bed the other night, and sproket decided to give the doggie bed a whirl; and found the bed much to his liking. so, last night as i am snuggling to the sweetie, he says, "hmmmmm, this should be interesting" as we watched, dana was circling the area, and sproket just went and plopped right down in the doggie bed, so.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

super hero

so, our youngest and i were sitting on the couch last night, when he pops the question....if you had a choice of which super hero power you had- what would it be?

i need to put some more thought into this....super human strength, bionic hearing, freezing stuff, flying, or super-oober creative (this could be an option....)

thoughts anyone?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

a good day....

i got to play for a while yesterday and had a pretty successful run....thought i would share. i had ordered in "finish" packaging for art- so, cool. the box was huge. the art looks stunning in a white frame....i'm so excited! hope you enjoy the scenery because i totally enjoyed painting with my fingers!