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Monday, August 17, 2009

happy monday

i was so excited to start this week- so much pictures are just lining up! i am starting with paintings that represent my family. the first is my husband and i - it will be 20 years for us this next year; and the second represents our three children and the love (bear with me here- it is sounding slightly more sappy seeing it in black and white than it did in my head...) anyway- our home and my family makes me happy- and the fact that the painting is my first "peeps" and something i consider successful (because you can tell that it is people) even better!!

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  1. These are gorgeous!

    20 years and a lovely, loving family - definitely reasons to be happy! :)

  2. Happy Monday! Those paintings are so cool. And congrats on the 20 years..... :)

  3. Your paintings are lovely!!! Enjoy your happy week!


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