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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


looking for a super cute lined square bag? this bag measures 7" x 6.5". i use mine for carrying along extra tubes of watercolor paints when going to class or painting with friends.

it has a striped fringe at the top....

it is hand stamped on the front with my dreamthicket stamps which are available at Paperbag Studios. do you have your set?

the back of the bag is a black and white polka dot- cuz who doesn't love polka dots?!....

the inside is lined with a plastic to protect the bag. i have also used my bag to carry extra spray inks like shown in the picture above. i have 3 spray bottles in the bag now, but, could put a few more in there.

this is the front of the bag.....hand dyed and stamped with some extra vintage fabric edging made just for you. (or someone very special to you......) this cute bag is available in my etsy shop.

Monday, September 28, 2015

a favor....

i have a favor to ask.....are you an etsy shopper? yes, no?......would you be willing to take a peek at my newly updated etsy store?

i have been updating some things like my banner, shop information and item titles and i would love some feedback. if you have just a moment- will you follow the link and see what you think- then stop back and leave me a comment?

like the bag shown above? want to see more? i will be listing that lined bag later today.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#29faces {september 2015}

i have been playing when i are two more faces for this challenge.

i dabbed orange paint off my fingers from another project....apparently all over this page before i had started my face. i so like the strip of ephemera i glued down through the middle- you can kinda see it and i love that subtly.

this one i mixed watercolor and acrylics with stabilo pencils. i like the "shadows" of her face in the blue. i used M. Graham & Co- phthalocyanine blue. it is one of my favorite watercolors and i use it directly out of the tube onto my brush and alot of water. this color is sooo delicious! the pink on her lips is a pink stabilo pencil and the green and pink around her eyes are both acrylic. i had gesso'd this page to begin with as well- that helped with the charm of the blue and how it ran and dried.

happy hump day!

Monday, September 21, 2015

#happymail {summer colds & postcards}

i don't know about you, but, i hate end of summer colds....and my love had been sick this last week. i was supportive- offering meds, kleenex, and cough drops; while trying to stay out of the way. i worked all week. all week. i am home for about an hour on friday, when the sneezing kicked in.

i, at this point, am telling myself that it is just my allergies kicking up.

but by saturday morning, my nose is running; but, still mostly under control. so, i found a few moments in the studio to make my postcards that need to go out today. by sunday however.....i am not fooling myself any longer....this is a darn end of summer cold that i have caught from my husband (who is still not 100% after a week.....).

so now i am going to have to bribe my son to take these to the post office for me to get them out on time so i don't contaminate anyone else as i not-enjoy my spot on the couch today because i am no longer contained.

wishing you health and no end of summer colds. happy monday.

Friday, September 18, 2015

"strength"- sending some of that to a sick friend who needed some prayers. a bunch of us made her cards and sent her happy mail- this was mine....

happy friday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

P is for pear

p is for newest favorite mixed media pear;

with splashes of gold, and colorful bursts

and don't forget the scratches and layered texture of this beauty.

happy hump day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

altered matchbox

i was hoping to find the small matchboxes, but, in my small town....none were to be found; so i settled for a large matchbox. i of course checked out pinterest (the link will show you a few of my favorite matchboxes) for inspiration, before settling down and getting to work on my own box.

i started by covering my outside box with vintage book paper. i also covered the inside of my inner box as well because i knew that my idea would show the inner box and i wanted it to all work together.

i did use Dina Wakley's gel medium to glue all my paper onto each box; but, any glue would would work. (although, i have found that Dina's is my favorite for mixed media work.) the darker edge seen above dried just fine and is not discolored on my final version.

i pulled the inside and outside box together with that polka dot paper seen on the far left above. i cut "edges" to add to the inside box and a strip to add to the outside box.

i am making this for a swap, and part of our instructions was to also have words of wisdom into the inside box. i was not totally sure what words i was going to use, but, when searching my vintage book stash, i found the perfect quote....

this is an early on shot of my girl. i love pink hair (i mean- who doesn't?! right....) and i found the perfect girl in a vintage sears catalog; now the dress....i had to work for that a bit. i actually used several "dresses" from a children's book- 2 for the sleeves that were small and one for her main dress. she also had to have some fabulous strappy shoes! hello?....any girl with "victorious mischief" will have tall strappy shoes on.....

i added some hair details with a wash-n-sketch pencil and painted her dress to pull that all together putting white details on the top. and i love her light pink hair ribbon i stitched on.

here is a pic of my final matchbox that i mailed out. i added some extra little details to pull everything together.

happy monday!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

#29faces september 2015

had a bit of a late start on this with the holiday, but, hoping to stay on track now.....

can you tell which one is my favorite?.....happy thursday.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

words of encouragement

i can't decide if it is the change of season with school starting and kids going off to college, but, i have been feeling like i have needed words of encouragement in the studio. i made these pocket stones yesterday and was beginning to feel that faltering hesitation fall.

do you know someone who needs words of encouragement? i listed these faux stones in my etsy store. looking for a different word? maybe a different color "stone?" i may be able to help you out- just ask.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


#cardfront #humpday #ephemera #mixedmedia