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Monday, September 21, 2015

#happymail {summer colds & postcards}

i don't know about you, but, i hate end of summer colds....and my love had been sick this last week. i was supportive- offering meds, kleenex, and cough drops; while trying to stay out of the way. i worked all week. all week. i am home for about an hour on friday, when the sneezing kicked in.

i, at this point, am telling myself that it is just my allergies kicking up.

but by saturday morning, my nose is running; but, still mostly under control. so, i found a few moments in the studio to make my postcards that need to go out today. by sunday however.....i am not fooling myself any longer....this is a darn end of summer cold that i have caught from my husband (who is still not 100% after a week.....).

so now i am going to have to bribe my son to take these to the post office for me to get them out on time so i don't contaminate anyone else as i not-enjoy my spot on the couch today because i am no longer contained.

wishing you health and no end of summer colds. happy monday.

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  1. I love the color combination! I am just starting a cold right now so I sympathize.


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