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Friday, February 26, 2010 have to love these

i just want y'all to know that I had a "big girl" lunch today. now, you are probably thinking what is a big girl lunch? well,...i went out to lunch with my mom and aunt to the Wild Sage Grille. "I" had the field greens with goat cheese and hold the dressing (i'm not much into any type of dressings), and it was such a delicious combination of flavors. i loved the chewy dried cranberries, and the sweet mandrin oranges, the tang of the goat cheese mixed with the greens and wasn't a burger, or pizza, or nachos, or hot dogs, no i don't believe there was kids food on this menu(at least not our kids type of food anyway).

we had a great conversation and i was telling them about this wonderful new person i met in blog world, and that we will need to go and visit her part of the world because of all the wonderful antiques and hoarders sales! if you need a little giggle- you need to visit Polka Dot Barn....

this was after my wonderful morning at Piper framing and art gallery where they were happy to see me especially with new art and had even sold two of my paintings.

then, i got to paint at my mom's studio for the rest of the afternoon....nope, it just does not get much better than, this (except for hanging out with my sweetie...just in case you read this sweetheart!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i love thursdays

survivor, and abdc (which is a total dirty secret...i'm spilling the beans;))

do you have shows you love on thursdays?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

love is...the yellow bird of happiness

as a little girl i remember going to my gramma's house. she had some of the coolest stuff ever. different stuff- stuff you did not see just anywhere. i remember trying on a blue sapphire ring every time we went to her house and she told me that when i grew into the ring and could keep it safely on my finger...the ring would be mine. it was eventually mine...

as i have gotten older, and my gramma has gotten older (our birthdays are coming up next month- gramma "bee" will be 96), she has started giving me some of the items for christmas. one of the things that she gifted me was a yellow bird that is a water pitcher. it is absolutely one of the coolest things i own. it immediately takes me back to a child's life...why is it yellow? why does it have a handle? why don't we ever use it then? why is it on the top shelf?

but, more than that...a simple child's life. happiness, carefree, and full of adventure because my mind was full of imagination of what could be, what may be, and never what would not be.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

love is....knowing that spring will be here eventually

knowing that february is almost done and whether winter likes it or not...spring will have to come. tomorrow our temps are supposed to be -13 F. it is february for pete's sake and the end of february to boot!

let me know how your weather is- i dare you! i could use a little weather envy!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

love is....

seeing the semi pull up outside your house to deliver your huge canvas that needs to be delivered by that just does not get much better than that! 3 ft x 5ft- our youngest son squeezed in beside the boxes so you can get a better estimate of how big the canvas really is!

hearing from your art manager that a local children's hospital may be interested in your art (i will keep you posted on this)- even if it would be for charity....we've been in that boat, and it would be a huge honor to be considered.

hearing from that same art manager that another painting sold (good for me) and that the art/ framing store is framing it for the buyer (good for Piper!)

listening to my dreams, having faith in my creativeness, and husband that supports me!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

love of cars

ok...i must admit, i am a car girl! i love cars- mainly, chrysler, plymouth- old muscle cars. i like them "original" looking, or totally tricked out with tubs (HUGE tires and a very small rear end) and some blown motor. i have an appreciation of almost all old muscle cars- no matter what the brand if someone has taken the time and effort.

the other thing i have discovered is that i really like rat rods. and it is a very good thing that my husband digs them as well. we have slowly been collecting our "parts" to make our own rat rod (this may well have to get in line in our garage however....i'm thinking after my convertible- but, that may be up for discussion). so in the midst of a day of basketball, it would figure that WE of all people would be able to sniff out a car show to go and burn some time at.

oh- and along the lines of basketball...we lost the first game by three, but, the second game was a barn burner....two overtimes and the girls won by A bucket!! we lost our last game...had a little bit of foul trouble (bad refs- but, i will not boring you with all of that.) ok- one was an ass and the other didn't know his ass from a ball. ok- i'm done....thanks for staying 'til the end.

FINE- i am arguing with my camera- who by the way is winning!...i apparently forgot to charge the camera battery and now, cannot load my pictures to show you...will charge the battery tonight- come visit tomorrow for some rat rod pics! sorry....

Friday, February 19, 2010

love of found time

today, i only worked for a short bit this morning, and then, ran into town to have lunch with my sweetheart and when i thought he needed to head back to work for a meeting- he had bumped it out another hour so we could do a little shopping! what a pleasant surprise and some found time while the kids were at school!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love of coffee...

i love coffee. plain old black coffee, foo foo coffee, cold coffee (especially during the summer), dessert-after dinner coffee with shot of baileys...i am not really all that fussy.

the pics are one of my vintage coffee of many (more collection than hoarding ;)

how do you take yours?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

color me this....for the love of color

there is almost nothing better than watching the sunshine come through our east stained glass window in the morning. love the colors!

Monday, February 15, 2010

belly of

a mountain of pepper...

at supper, delicious pot roast, potatoes, veggie....and three kids. who all feel the need to make small delectable jabs at one another. supper is never boring at our house. tk tells her older (wiser, slighter of hand) brother that it would have been soooo funny had the pepper spilled out onto his potatoes and now, she wants him to pass her the pepper. now, sneaky and undetectably he unscrews the pepper top, so that when she goes to spice up her potatoes- the whole pepper shaker spills out onto HER potatoes.

so, tk gets the giggles, and her older brother starts laughing saying, "you should have seen your face mom!" and now, he is laughing so hard he is crying; and well, the youngest is totally enjoying the heck out of all of this because both of the other fools are laughing so hard they are crying and the joke was not on him!! and now i am totally laughing because they are out of control laughing, wiping eyes and trying to regain composure....belly laughs are so good for the soul...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

celebrate the day of loVe

sending hugs and kisses to family and friends today with a vintage postcard from my stack, and apparently the new thing on the fingers...happy valentine's day all!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

friday love....

happy friday! you have to love the start to the weekend...enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

for the love of a child....

our youngest son has been keeping me in stitches lately...definitely transitioning from elementary to a middle schooler...i can see the twinkle growing...but, tonight he asked me what kind of a cookie i would be. well, at first thought, a chocolate chip cookie- everyone loves those. but, if i have learned anything in my life it is that i do not have to make everyone like, i believe i have settled on a ginger snap. a little different, but, liked by quite a few because of the flavor (flava...that is for my oldest), but, definitely not by all; can be soft and chewy- but, also can be hard and in desperate need of coffee to be able to stay and enjoy; is covered with sugar but not too sweet.

artwork courtesy of our what type of cookie are you?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

of the sea today...

today i woke up out of bed on the wrong side. i don't know if it was because my sweetie was leaving for a few days or what. i hate it when he is gone...i can't sleep worth a darn, miss the conversation, the competition (wii fit, we fit...) and my partner for coffee in the morning. and, waking up crabby does nothing for myself picking out what i am going to wear for the day; especially when i already feel like i have nothing to wear. but, i am finishing the day feeling like a mermaid...

i took a bath tonight in my new tub. i could lay down and let my hair flow-swish back and forth...just like a mermaid. i laid there listening to the air push through the water and feeling the light mist and a few small droplets on my face. feeling the warmth of the water and the wonderful smell of my shampoo...coconut,mango and am feeling better, although, no one to sleep on.... crab is courtesy of our oldest was featured in the high school art show.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


inspired by polkdot barn and her latest purchases at an auction, aka "hoarders sale" (if you like auctions- you HAVE to go visit!). i am posting some of my favorites that i have added to my personal collection, because i certainly do not hoard...i collect.

i have to be honest on this front of auctions...there was a time when i was pretty sure i needed therapy so that i wouldn't feel the need to go to all of the auctions that were close to home. i would completely obsess over them after reading the bill of sale not very patiently waiting for the sale to come.

this came after i had told my husband i wouldn't go to all of them; and then, on my way home one day- i stopped. just for a moment and got a couple of good deals and left my purchases in the trunk. well, later that week my sweetie needed to put something into the trunk and came across my purchases...with my head hung low, i said i needed therapy.

i have been better and only obsessing a little bit and have even missed a few; but, the last one i went to the "young ladies" (one reminds me of my gramma) that man the registration desk said they had missed me and they were glad to see me again! that may not be the best sign...maybe i just left a good impression....

my best buy was probably the hummels. i bought a box for the old book that was in the box and was so surprised to see the hummels quietly sitting in the bottom of my box. now, they are not perfect, but, i paid $5 for the, hey- they are looking pretty good for $5!! hope you enjoy my finds over the years!

Monday, February 8, 2010


over the course of the end of last week, and the beginning of this week...(hello monday)...a common theme of "people" keeps popping up. we are all so very different- good, bad, or otherwise. the end of last week was again more winter weather, and that comments made to people about this weather and what they/ we should be doing about it. i can't think that if everyone would take a moment before complaining people would be much better off. i heard a commercial that said, i start off each day in a great mood, it just depending on people how long that lasts....action, reaction, give, take...

people make our world go round- it is good that we are not all the same- how boring would that be; uninteresting, unimaginative, and probably unforgiving. i try to make it a better place- if i can help, i try; if i am able- do; speak if needed and hold my tongue when it is not really going to make any difference...why truly change someone else's day with bad comments about something that cannot be helped. be kind, be good, be honest, be missed when not there. set a good example.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

day 7....

too tired to really think...this weekend went way too fast to really count. i can't believe it is sunday night already. i can say this much....i am ever inspired by curious girl lisa on many fronts...she is the reason i am posting every day with the nablopomo and following her theme of love. she had an extremely complex thought provoking blog note today- so if you are not into my light fluff, please visit her!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

for the love of b ball- day 6

we spent the day at a basketball tourney...
great defense- 2,3 zone....baffling in middle school
plays run
jammed finger
fast breaks- not enough
frustration- but, many lessons learned
one more game tomorrow morning...put all the pieces together and we will see what becomes of the game tomorrow

Friday, February 5, 2010

for the love of giggles on a tense day-day 5 of love is what the day brought: my mom fell on the ice yesterday- breaking her wrist which needed to be surgically repaired today.

on my trip into town to take my mom to the surgical center, i thought i would have a breakfast sandwich on my way an sausage mcmuffin with egg; only when i got on the road with my sandwich and was up to speed a couple of miles down the road...i opened my sandwich and took a big hot delicious bite to discover that it was missing the egg! what the heck?! how can you seriously have a breakfast sandwich with no egg?

back to the center calls- please come, off we went early. only to sit for a long time...but, she did get in sooner than scheduled. now, i was calmer than i was the last time we had to sit in the waiting area of a surgical area; however, i work in the medical field and sometimes when, given time to let your mind wander it is not good, but, soon enough i was called to meet the surgeon- all is very well.

my quick lunch was at the surgery center and i finally decided on a go with my stellar breakfast i had. now, for those of you not skilled in the ways of my culinary delights- i am NOT a condiment person. i see the condiments sitting on the counter, so, i just order my burger- just like that. pay for lunch; find a spot for me and all my stuff; get out my book, open my burger, take a bite....not the cheesy burger i was hoping for. nope- ketchup, mustard, and pickles- ew!!! i immediately want to spit this out, but, i am sitting in public at a hospital, so, i take a huge gulp of milk knowing that if i choke someone will know how to do the heimlich.

back to mom...the surgery itself was quick, and then i just needed her to wake up a bit before i could go back and see her. so i made all the necessary calls to everyone and went back. she was doing fairly well initially but, did have some nausea that we had to content with. when supper came, i decided i just needed a small snack- the smell of food would not have been good.

at this point, it has been a fairly long day- i don't like seeing my mom not feeling well, so i go to get a snack. i have extra change to get something else...but, somehow i managed to push the wrong button, and do not get a salted nut roll, but, cornnuts- and not just plain cornnuts- barbeque! and when i step off the elevator and glance at the art work on the wall, at first- thought i saw boobs,... with nipples. what?! upon looking again because it can't be boobs- it is a tree on top, with acorns running across the bottom of the painting in circles (this being the boobs with nipples)...that are maybe roots? anyway- clearly, i had been at the surgery center too long at this point. and this is the point, that i get the giggles on this tense day- boobs with acorn nipples.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the love of a find....

we moved into our house 9 1/2 years ago...old house, old yard, oh well. one of my secret dreams is to find something cool hidden in the house- you know, like the attic under the floor boards or behind the lathe and plaster. well, we have done a lot of work to the house and yard and really the only thing totally cool i have found was this little plaster person. if you have any information on this i would love to hear it!!

i was moving flowers and was digging in the front side yard. i had dug up some roots from something long ago, and when i first saw this person, i thought it was more roots, but, upon a closer inspection realized that i had found a little person in the yard.

the other thing semi cool that i have found was a old coffee can hammered out flat to cover a hole in the floor in what is now our bathroom. we have been remodeling in that room and when we tore up the floor we found it...kind of cool. i have a vintage coffee can collection. so i will have to find something to do with the flat can....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1, 2, 3

our house would not be a home with out our three kids.... our oldest is 15 (he only looks like he is 18) and every day here in mn is a painful reminder that his birthday is not until june when he will have a regular driver license and then, can drive without a parent. i anticipate a huge change in my hair color this summer...our middle is 12 going on 17. she is as tall as me and it boggles my mind how similar yet so far at opposite ends of the spectrum we can be. you would never image the medical miracle she overcame in her first year of life to get to this point- especially by seeing her...our youngest is 11 and has told me more then once he aspires to win the nobel peace prize...always original this one bringing up the tender, thoughtful, creative...they make our home fun, interesting, loud, colorful, full of laughter, not many tears, some frustration, but, always love. beyond the boundaries, past all expectations, never faltering, forever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

for the love of karma- day 2 of love

the last couple of weekends i have been into chick flicks and have watched some good ones....all about steve, 500 days of summer, and whip it. loved them all!! they all had great leading ladies- smart, funny, unique, and interesting. has begged me to ask the question of myself- what would be words to describe kp?

of course, being my own worst critic, and not really basing the decision on something realistic- i mean, movies.... so, i wasn't really thinking not interesting, but, definitely mild to partly cloudy. today, i get an interesting email....and low and behold, i am interesting (or so they say)....please visit here. they stumbled onto my blog, and "found it quite interesting." thank you Sheila for your very kind words and a most gracious spot as the feature blog- i greatly appreciate it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st day of love

i am starting with the love of my life...hi-school sweetheart, believer in all that is me- good, bad, and otherwise, best friend, lover. he is handsome- i love all his freckles, funny- makes me laugh every day, smart- extrovert physics major with mad skills.

i love him all clean shaven, and dressed to the nines, but, i almost have to say my favorite is when he has a shadow of a beard (the brett favre look...i like to tease him- because they both have a little "sparkle" in their beards), and has been working in the garage.