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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

love is...the yellow bird of happiness

as a little girl i remember going to my gramma's house. she had some of the coolest stuff ever. different stuff- stuff you did not see just anywhere. i remember trying on a blue sapphire ring every time we went to her house and she told me that when i grew into the ring and could keep it safely on my finger...the ring would be mine. it was eventually mine...

as i have gotten older, and my gramma has gotten older (our birthdays are coming up next month- gramma "bee" will be 96), she has started giving me some of the items for christmas. one of the things that she gifted me was a yellow bird that is a water pitcher. it is absolutely one of the coolest things i own. it immediately takes me back to a child's life...why is it yellow? why does it have a handle? why don't we ever use it then? why is it on the top shelf?

but, more than that...a simple child's life. happiness, carefree, and full of adventure because my mind was full of imagination of what could be, what may be, and never what would not be.

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