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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

for the love of karma- day 2 of love

the last couple of weekends i have been into chick flicks and have watched some good ones....all about steve, 500 days of summer, and whip it. loved them all!! they all had great leading ladies- smart, funny, unique, and interesting. has begged me to ask the question of myself- what would be words to describe kp?

of course, being my own worst critic, and not really basing the decision on something realistic- i mean, movies.... so, i wasn't really thinking not interesting, but, definitely mild to partly cloudy. today, i get an interesting email....and low and behold, i am interesting (or so they say)....please visit here. they stumbled onto my blog, and "found it quite interesting." thank you Sheila for your very kind words and a most gracious spot as the feature blog- i greatly appreciate it!

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