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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

of the sea today...

today i woke up out of bed on the wrong side. i don't know if it was because my sweetie was leaving for a few days or what. i hate it when he is gone...i can't sleep worth a darn, miss the conversation, the competition (wii fit, we fit...) and my partner for coffee in the morning. and, waking up crabby does nothing for myself picking out what i am going to wear for the day; especially when i already feel like i have nothing to wear. but, i am finishing the day feeling like a mermaid...

i took a bath tonight in my new tub. i could lay down and let my hair flow-swish back and forth...just like a mermaid. i laid there listening to the air push through the water and feeling the light mist and a few small droplets on my face. feeling the warmth of the water and the wonderful smell of my shampoo...coconut,mango and am feeling better, although, no one to sleep on.... crab is courtesy of our oldest was featured in the high school art show.

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